Senate inquiry unanimously recommends Federal Government withdraw its funding for Perth Freight Link

If you are interested in the recent Senate Report on the Perth Freight Link this here is the link to the full report.

As the ABC reported

“A Senate inquiry has unanimously recommended the Federal Government withdraw its majority funding for WA’s controversial $1.9 billion Perth Freight Link project in favour of an outer harbour.” It was interesting there was no minority report by the Liberal Senators. It appears the PFL is increasingly  a project without many friends. Here is a snapshot from Chapter 5.

Committee view and recommendations

5.1        The Perth Freight Link is the most expensive infrastructure project ever undertaken in Western Australia. It has total funding from the federal and state governments likely to exceed its proposed capital expenditure of $1.9 billion, which includes $1.2 billion of Commonwealth funds. This amount of funding is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in the infrastructure needs and long-term economic prosperity of Western Australia.

5.2        However, if the Perth Freight Link proceeds, it will blow this opportunity on a project that will not achieve what it proposes to do, and is not wanted – not only by the communities that it would run through but also by the business and transport sectors it purports to assist.

5.3        The committee believes Western Australia desperately needs investment in transport and freight infrastructure to ensure the prosperity and economic health of the state over the coming decades. This investment could be the key driver of the efficiency and productivity of the state’s business, agricultural, industrial and primary resource sectors over the coming decades, as well as having flow-on benefits for the general Australian economy.

5.4        However, it is clear from the evidence that the Perth Freight Link is not the right project for Australian governments to invest in. Accordingly, the committee considers that the Commonwealth should redeploy the funding earmarked for the Freight Link to other, more productive and properly-planned infrastructure funding in Western Australia.

The members of the committee were:

Senator Glenn Sterle, Chair Western Australia, ALP
Senator the Hon Bill Heffernan, Deputy Chair New South Wales, LP
Senator Joe Bullock (to 13 April 2016) Western Australia, ALP
Senator Alex Gallacher (from 18 April 2016) South Australia, ALP
Senator Sue Lines Western Australia, ALP
Senator Peter Whish-Wilson Tasmania, AG
Senator John Williams New South Wales, NATS
Other Senators participating in this inquiry
Senator Chris Back Western Australia, LP
Senator Scott Ludlam Western Australia, AG
Senator Linda Reynolds Western Australia, LP
Senator Dio Wang


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2 Responses to Senate inquiry unanimously recommends Federal Government withdraw its funding for Perth Freight Link

  1. Pip Sawyer says:

    Outer harbour is definitely looking Ng term way to go. However road and rail access to its terminus still need to be planned. And the routes/ options/cost estimates and timeframe canvassed publicly. NOW!!! Otherwise it will become just a delayed swap of one lemon for another

  2. Edward Denis Gillett says:

    Looks like a lot more forward thinking is needed here

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