Some worthwhile events on Homelessness in Freo

A couple of good events raising awareness about the important Freo issue of homelessness this week.

First, St Pats and University of Notre Dame are organising a fundraising Sleep Out Under The Stars event this Saturday May 14 from 5.30 pm in the Malloy Courtyard in Mouat Street in the West End.

This is a family friendly fundraiser with music, activities for children, heart and soul warming soup and company and the chance to sleep a night under the stars and see what it feels like, or just come for a few hours to show your support. $ 25 for adults and $ 10 for children or $ 60 for a family of four with funds going to a great cause.

In addition, next week at the Freo Library that will be facilitating and will include the Chantal Robers Executive Officer of SHELTER WA and Victor Crevatin from St Pats and other to discuss homelessness in Fremantle. It’s a free event and starts at 6 pm but i am told it has almost sold out.


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One Response to Some worthwhile events on Homelessness in Freo

  1. Frank O'Neill says:

    I’m in Melbourne just now and its shameful on our society and pitiful to see so many people under crude canvas and plastic sheeting sleeping in the doorways of upmarket stores and businesses . Wherever this happens it is not worthy of a nation like Australia. More power to and support for the people of Fremantle working to alleviate this wholly preventable degrading circumstance of sleeping rough cheek to jowl with those of us with more than enough wealth.

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