Impact100 Fremantle 2016- How do we create a culture of connection?

The Fremantle Foundation’s impressive Impact 100 (in which 100 people donate a $1000 to create a major grant of $100k)  is launching for 2016.

This year Impact100 Fremantle is asking – How do we create a culture of connection?

They are encouraging everyone with a creative idea or successful current program to apply for the Major Grant of $100,000

Impact100 Fremantle 2016 EOI Workshops

We are holding EOI Workshops to help applicants prepare a submission. At the workshop you will:

  • have the chance to talk to us about your idea
  • learn more about the application process
  • learn from previously successful applications
  • develop and prepare your EOI submission

Please RSVP using the links below.

Impact100 Fremantle 2016 EOI Workshop 

Monday 16th May
12.30pm – 2.30pm
Fremantle Chamber of Commerce
16 Phillimore Street

RSVP to workshop #2 by clicking here

Impact100 Fremantle 2016 – How do we create a culture of connection?

We are inviting submissions for creative projects that enrich our community and public spaces with joy and inspiration.

We encourage initiatives that have strong collaboration to achieve this outcome.

While creativity is a key theme this year, we are open to submissions from any area of social impact.

We are open to all ideas. Initiatives may create a culture of connection through:

  • activities – such as the arts, cultural or health based programs
  • demographics – such as young people, the aged or by gender, racial or cultural grounds
  • causes – such as mental wellbeing, homelessness or social isolation.

If your organisation are interested in applying for Impact100 Fremantle 2016 please Click Here to download an Expression of Interest Form for more information. 

The closing deadline for EOI Applications is 5pm, 5 June 2016.

For more information about Impact100 Fremantle visit


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