New Freo Business of the Week: Melody Wheels

Behind the walls of the Freo Prison some great new Fremantle businesses are incubating away as part of Fremantle Business Foundations. One of them is a new business by Adrian Emilsen who is a DT Swiss Certified Wheel Builder (I have to admit I’m not entirely sure what that means but he does explain below)

But anyway, I ran into Adrian while rolling down the hill past the Prison to work the other day while he was peddling up (a bit unfair given I was on the electric bike!) and we got talking his very bespoke new business (excuse the pun). Here’s what he had to say:

Melody Wheels originated while I was working as bike mechanic in Sydney for many years. I started building custom bicycle wheels and sold them through the shop. At first it just something that I just really enjoyed doing, but it evolved into a bit of a passion or obsession. It was one of few jobs as a bicycle mechanic where you could be a bit more creative and involved in making something bespoke. A couple of years later I traveled to Portland, Oregon and completed a professional certification in advanced wheel building. This was something I was unable to do anywhere in Australia. In 2014, my partner and I moved from Sydney to Fremantle (where she is from originally) as we wanted to start a family here. It was a bit turning point career wise and wanted to have a go starting a wheel building business. I’d heard about the Business Foundations centre in the Old Fremantle Prison and decided to rent a ‘cell’ there. I was great to find a suitable low-rent space in Freo where I could test my business. For the last 6 months I’ve been full-time wheel building with a steady backlog of work. I work with a wide range of cyclists, from racing cyclists to recumbents, who need a specific wheel or to have their existing wheels professional repaired. It was definitely the right time to start my business as the popularity of cycling has really grown in Perth in the last few years.

MelodyWheelsWorkshop1 MelodyWheelsWorkshop2

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3 Responses to New Freo Business of the Week: Melody Wheels

  1. Mike Lefroy says:

    Great to read this. Good luck from a keen Fremantle cyclist

  2. Good luck to Adrian. It’s a great facility Brad. I attend guitar lessons across the aisle from Adrian with Ben at Freo Guitar Tuition. Cheers, David.

  3. johnwv says:

    Great to hear about Adrian’s new business especially starting up at the incubation centre. Over 12 years ago I rented a “cell’ at the incubation centre to start my business and it’s never looked back.

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