Heirloom taking shape

I had another look through the Heirloom project with the Heritage Council late last week and it is looking pretty special and thought would be good to share its progress.

It was good to hear that the building program is actually running ahead of schedule. Going up through the upper floors it was also a chance to see not only the harbour views but also the progress on the DHA site across the road which has already dug out most of its basement.

Good to see the East End steadily take shape.

IMG_2951 IMG_2954 IMG_2958 IMG_2960 IMG_2964

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10 Responses to Heirloom taking shape

  1. Dusica Pivac says:

    I am appreciative of any progress in Fremantle, but I do have a favor to ask.
    Please, please can we do something about our passenger processing port?
    I have done a bit of cruising and visited a lot of ports NO ONE HAS A PORT LIKE FREMANTLE DOSE! It is embarrassing how behind the worlds up to date ports we are! What must those seasoned travelers think about Freo’s port, they’re not even covered for the elements as they disembark or embark, never-mined up to date fast processing machines and equipment ??
    Please, please, please bring IT in to 21st century!!!!

  2. Paula Amaral says:

    Hi Brad
    Do you have any idea what the cost of the DHA car park excavation really is.
    It’s hard to believe that each car bay costs $50,000.00.
    It seems a pity that the City won’t do it at the tennis club because that’s what you’ve been told.

  3. Paula Amaral says:

    I think you should try. If they say no, bad luck, but if they tell you it will give you a real term of comparison with the estimates given to the City.

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