WGV raises the bar at community open day.

Despite the stormy weather over the weekend there was a big turn out for the community open day at the WGV development on Saturday. The event was to both launch the new landscaping works and to acknowledge the work of community organisation Men’s Shed and SHAC.

WGV is one of those rare developments that actually got better and better the more it went on. It started with the White Gum Valley local precent group wanting more than a standard development on he old school site – a development that had a range of dwelling types and set a higher bar in terms of sustainability. Landcorp with the assistance of Josh Byrne and Associates and many others then took this community mandate to the next level. It’s now full of creative and thoughtful solutions to energy, water, biodiversity and community focused urban design.

Here are a few highlights from the launch that I thought were worth sharing:

  • In WA due to desalination our water is actually very energy intensive with 4kwh or power needed to create one kilolitre of water. This along with a drying climate in WA due to climate change was the key reasons to get down the water use in the development. With some clever design in WGV (including a community bore from shallow superficial aquifer about 25m underground) will use 70% less water per single dwelling and 60% less across the whole site
  • Another highlights was the opening of the new open space in what was once an unattractive sump. It was part-filled with 7710 drainage cells to store 900kl of water this meant that the fences could come down and a new parkland created.

sump FullSizeRender

  • It was also good to see over 70 new trees planted in first stage of work including fruit trees and a rare deciduous conifer.  The replacement of the trees on site is a key community aim and there is a plan for 30% canopy cover in the development. From the trees that were felled for the subdivision the Fremantle Men’s Shed re-purposed the timber for all of the furniture in the development In addition to this there are 24 habitat boxes and logs to attract parrot and pardalotes.
  • Finally some stylish new public toilets and BBQ facilities (see below) were unveiled.

From these few examples it is easy to see how it recently won a national Planning Institute of Australia award for planning.

WGV loos wgv new park

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