From Washington to Hiroshima to Fremantle: pursuing a world without nuclear weapons

Today President Obama will become the first sitting US President to visit the city since an American atomic bomb was dropped there on August 6, 1945, killing 140,000 people. The purpose of this visit is to “highlight his continued commitment to pursuing peace and security in a world without nuclear weapons”.

This internationally significant event interestingly has links with the work of a number of Australian and even Fremantle locals. These links are explained on the latest RTR Understorey program which includes Obama, John Kerry, Malcolm Fraser, and our own Josh Wilson and Yalata Aboriginal elders, as well as others.

Adrian Glamorgan and Elizabeth Po, who have worked tirelessly with Mayors for Peace in Fremantle, put this together for this to help people understand the story of nuclear weapons a little more, and to encourage a positive shift in Australia’s compromised international position.

We hope you enjoy this big local-to-global story that Fremantle plays its part in.


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