Marcus Westbury in Freo sharing how to create a city back to life

Renew Newcastle and Renew Australia founder Marcus Westbury was in Fremantle today thanks to FACET to share his experiences on making cities work and flourish and to build on their creativity in the process. The parallels between Newcastle and Fremantle were extraordinarily similar. Both port towns struggling to adapt and rebuild but are seeing great new creative enterprises arise in this space.

Here are some of the things he had to say:

  • In cities the software is importnat not just the hardware aka the buildings;
  • Creation is growing much faster than consumption;
  • People want and value places that are distinctive, authentic and unique;
  • The trick is to fertilise not just build or design….
  • Renew Newcastle etc are not about pop up if by that we mean projects that are design to be temporary and disappear. They are instead are about reducing the barriers to entry to enable people to experiments and participate. This means making failing cheap.

Marcus has also written a great book Creating Cities which I wrote about last year:


marcus westbury



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