Nic Brunsdon on the MANY benefits of under-used spaces in Fremantle

Following on from Marcus Westbury was one the very inspiring Nic Brunsdon. Perth local, director of an architectural practice, POST- and co-founder of urban program called Spacemarket which pairs disused spaces with useful people, Nic is a man of many hats. In 2015, Nic won the Australian Emerging Architect Award and he keeps doing great stuff. In Fremantle he was a driver of the MANY 6160 project in the former Myer building and this was what he spoke to FACET about.

From the initial joint funding from the City of Fremantle and Spacemarket more than 100 new businesses have operated from MANY6160 in Fremantle, over 20 businesses that became established enough to seek their own tenancy elsewhere, over 500 part time and full time jobs and thousands of dollars generated into the local economy due to weekly employee expenditure at local businesses.

Interestingly Marcus Westbury’s project, Renew Newcastle, is said to have achieved a cost benefit ratio of 1:10. Nic showed how MANY 6160’s social and economic benefits has achieved a similar ratio.

MANY 6160 is at 20,000m2, to the best of the project team’s knowledge, “the world’s largest interior space activation project”.

Murdoch Uni student, Hannah Sutton, researched its impacts on Fremantle and came up with some interesting numbers that I thought were worth sharing.

many 6160 many IMG_3055

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3 Responses to Nic Brunsdon on the MANY benefits of under-used spaces in Fremantle

  1. ANDREW Litster says:

    I have watch the space very well, is 20% success, rate, most of the start up , don’t survive , I like to know the ratio of numbers of people, to sales results. There a Version in America called Myoffice, which included small and short term hire of space. Yes there is a manufacturing space on the second floor of MAny. Small business is always difficult.

  2. johnwv says:

    This is a great story and I’m sure the type that Fremantle Story@fremantlestory like to hear. As a general comment on business development in Freo I’m qualified to say Fremantle Story is inconsistently selective in the stories it markets.

    Congratulations MANY 6160, you are a true Fremantle Story. I can’t understand how businesses like Cash Converters, Dick Smith, Subway, Hungry Jacks have a Fremantle Story, but according to the Fremantle Story website they do.

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