Fremantle at the forefront of this year’s WA Architect Awards

Fremantle buildings, designs and architects once again featured heavily in this year’s WA Institute of Architect Awards.

Fremantle-based Kerry Hill Architects (who also won the competition to build Freo’s new library and civic buildings in Kings Square) picked up WA’s highest awards the George Temple Poole Awards for the City of Perth Library and Public Plaza and for  next-door State Buildings (with Palassis Architects as Heritage Architect)


The State Buildings by Kerry Hill Architects (Architect), Palassis Architects (Heritage Architect). Image: Angus Martin

Kerry Hill Architects also won the Jeffrey Howlett  Public Architecture award  for the City of Perth Library and Public Plaza.

The other Freo architectural firmthat was a big winner was Spaceagency who won three named awards:

  • Harold Krantz Residential Architecture Award for Multiple Housing for Freo’s Knutsford Stage 1 Development
  • The Ross Chisholm and Gil Nicol Commercial Architecture Award for the Alex Hotel
  • The Marshall Clifton Residential Architecture Award for Victoria Avenue

Knutsford / Stage 1 by Spaceagency. Image: Robert Frith

In this category (Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing) Cameron Chisholm Nicol in association with David Barr Architect also won an award for Mika Apartments at South Beach.

David Barr (of WGV’s Gen Y house fame) also won a Residential Architecture (Alterations and Additions) for Claremont Residence and Officer Woods Architects also received a commendation in this category.

Finally, CODA won an Urban Design commendation for the Victoria Quay Enabling Precinct Plans and another commendation (with Broderick Architects)  in the Educational Architecture category for Bunbury Catholic College Mercy Campus. The new Year 7 Teaching Facility at John Curtin College of the Arts by JCY Architects & Urban Designers also won a commendation in this Educational Architecture category.


That is a pretty impressive list of Fremantle architects, designs, and buildings. Well done to all. It is a real testament to the talent in this town.

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