What is your story about stories about your alternative housing choices?

Do you live in a small house, apartment, loft or granny flat? Or are you looking for housing that’s smaller than what’s currently available?

As our population grows and household make ups change, smaller affordable housing options are needed as part of Fremantle’s future….

Here at the City of Freo, we’re keen to hear stories about your alternative housing choices.   We’d like to know what you look  for  to help us better understand what individuals, families and other households need from a smaller house.  If you are looking for or have found the perfect ‘smaller’ house, we’d love to hear your experiences in this short survey.


tiny bannister


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4 Responses to What is your story about stories about your alternative housing choices?

  1. Shona hunter says:

    We are a family of five seeking a village lifestyle. We are very eco conscious and aspire to a self sufficient lifestyle. We home school so spend a lot of time in our neighborhood. Our dream is to live in a village diverse of ages, cultures and household types, but all aspiring to community living, self sufficiently. Each person can choose their housing design, the village may have houses, tiny houses, apartments, but there will be village facilities such as commercial kitchen, hall, rooms for use and hire, workshop shed, entertaining area, park, bush land, garden and a CSA food allotment including orchard. I know at least ten families interested in this lifestyle. Imagine if Freo had a space we could dedicate to this dream?

  2. Andrew.L says:

    These communities once were known as Orange People, sannyasins cult. Jones Town was very similar with gullible people!

    • Andrew
      Are you serious? While Fremantle certainly had a big presence in the 1980s there is more to the diverse and affordable housing story than one group. Be it Tiny Houses, granny flats with grannies or Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives; they are all part of the stories we are interested in hearing from the Freo community.

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