WGV gets another tick of approval for sustainability

This article was in the Weekend West on Saturday by MAUREEN EPPEN


Sustainability expert Dr Martin Anda has delivered a vote of confidence in the sustainability credentials of LandCorp’s WGV estate, at White Gum Valley, by becoming one of the first people to Start building a home at the estate.

Dr Anda, the Academic Chair of Environmental Engineering at Murdoch University, described WGV as the best example of sustainable property development in the Perth market

“As far as urban developments in Perth go, WGV is as good as it gets” he said.

Dr Anda said there were three key reasons for his decision to build at WGV.

“I chose to build my home here tor the well thought-out sustain ability features, the high standard of landscaping and local amenities, and the great location in the Fremantle area,” he said.

“The WGV estate has really good design guidelines, which mean that as it develops the area will demonstrate to people just what is possible when you want to build sustainably,”

People will now be able to visit the area and pick up ideas from a pocket of attractive, comfortable and cost efficient sustainable homes integrated into an established community.

Dr Anda has joined with friends to develop a building on 4 Mouquet Vista, providing two homes and making the most of the 270sqm block

by incorporating a range of shared facilities, such as a rainwater tank, vegetable gardens, roof terrace and solar photo -voltaic system.

South Fremantle -based architects Richard Hammond and David Robinson designed the building, and the aim was to get construction underway later this month for completion in about nine months.

Developer LandCorp has just seven of the 23 single home sites remaining at  WGV estate, and potential land buyers are urged to act quickly to secure their choice of lot

The last Lots range from 276-32lsqmt and are priced from $350,000 to $410,000. including a $10,000 sustainability package and a design consultation with the WGV estate architect CODA Studio. These lots are titled.

LandCorp is developing the 2ha residential estate on the former Kim Beazley School site, opposite the Royal Frcmantle Golf Course.

The estate is less than 3km from Fremantle’s town centre and just 600m from local shops and cafes.

Options for housing at WGV include the single residential lots* the Evermore WGV apartment development of 24 one, two and three bedroom apartments by York Property Group and the Thrive development of nine townhouses and five apartments by Contempo,

The Sustainable Housing for Artists and Crealives (SHAC) project, comprising a trio of three-bed room townhouses, eight two-bedroom units, a one-bedroom unit and a communal artist studio, is under construction.

WGV anda

Next Freo Network Event: Core Fremantle // Hot Soup share their vision for Fremantle



Join us for the next edition of our monthly speaker series, featuring the folks from Core Fremantle and Hot Soup speaking on:

Negotiating informal use of space in Fremantle: 
The role of emerging artists and students in the ecology of a city.

They’re going to be tackling issues related to sustainability, arts, culture, space, and community – it’s sure to be an excellent and thought provoking event.

You can join the Facebook event here: facebook.com/events/1017255571720559/

See you for a 6pm start at The National Hotel on 6th September!

If you missed our last event on youth in Freo with Liam Carter, you can catch that here: soundcloud.com/thefremantlenetwork

And if you’re in Beaconsfield Ward, check out our By-election Candidates’ Forum TONIGHTfacebook.com/events/1789323964685237/

Some more info from Core:

Core is an arts and co-working studio that is taking advantage of a rent discount from the City of Fremantle in the offices of the Queensgate building, as it nears redevelopment. We currently have 35 members, but over the past year and a half we’ve seen around 70, most paying the basic rate of $25/wk for their piece of space. Members have been running/partaking in 100s of events around town, realising 100s of ideas, art pieces, songs, essays, reports, poems – many as collaborative projects.

One of these major collaborations, along side Tim Grey-Smith was the cafe/gallery/soup kitchen ‘HotSoup’ where a pay-it-forward system supplied over 1000 soups for the homeless, giving them a space to rest from the street, alongside our friends/customers, weird art installations and gigs.

The Fremantle Network has provided us with an opportunity to discuss our experiences in Fremantle and we want to open a discussion about where a place like Core fits in the landscape of this constantly evolving city. Core represents a lower socio-economic but highly motivated demographic that is being squeezed out of central Fremantle and similar areas of Perth. We see a strong strategic vision for this city – which we share – but an expensive and bureaucratic landscape that is not attractive to the artists, musicians, young thinkers, students and aspirational entrepreneurs that don’t speak the languages of bureaucracy and business.

It is these other languages that we want to bring to light. We might not be attending council meetings, we’re probably not reading the Fremantle Herald and perhaps only a few are joining the debate around changes to inner city residential densities… but I can assure you that every one of us wants environmental justice, cultural diversity and a fairer future for all and will carry this message through every song, art installation, photo, essay, zine, party and dance move. These are our languages and at the moment, these languages are finding it very hard to speak in central Fremantle.

We do not want Core to be the only affordable place where these people can congregate, discuss, collaborate and work on their projects. We do not want others to have to jump through all the bureaucratic hurdles we have, to face the $1000s in disguised costs, and receive the fortnightly emails accusing us of being ‘unprofessional’, for ‘damaging the image of Fremantle’ and threats of eviction (most often accompanied with photos of our personal space, or of members holding a beer).

We love Freo, we support the strategic vision, the redevelopment and all the fantastic councilors, staff and locally owned businesses, but we must talk about those informal uses of space, those uses that are heralded in Berlin and Melbourne. What is the role of this informal demographic on the landscape of this city? We don’t have the answers, they lie within the process of negotiation, the societal conversation. Are we simply having a cultural clash between those who want to control public spaces and those who want to create something within them?

We speak different languages, but please invite us to the party, we have some killer dance moves.


Australia Day: fireworks and fallout


It is not every week that Fremantle makes the international media and the front page of national papers but our debate around the Australia Day fireworks did …well … cause a few fireworks.

The media response was diverse to say the least but Network Ten’s The Project was one of my favourites as did a great job of tackling the issue in a thoughtful but playful Australian way:


It was ironic that much of the mainstream media complained about how divisive this issue was but then went on to treat the issue in an overly simplistic and polarising manner. Too few media outlets were willing to reflect on or acknowledge how Australia Day is a difficult day for many Aboriginal Australians. This should have been an opportunity for an inclusive debate on a tough issue and it was a shame most weren’t ready for that. There is of course not a universal position on this among Aboriginal Australians but it was disappointing that the views of the Aboriginal elders in Fremantle (who largely support the Fremantle Council‘s decision) were not sought out and expressed.

I thought this SBS article though was a worthwhile nevertheless:


It was also interesting to see how the feedback from Freo people was largely in favour of the decision to do another kind of event. Outside of the Fremantle though the issues got a much more negative response and sadly brought out the nasty side of patriotism at times.

For the record, it is worth restating that Fremantle is not cancelling Australia Day. Australia Day will still happen and everyone can mark the day in which they feel most comfortable. Freo Council is merely no longer funding fireworks on that day as we have done for the past 6 years.  We are instead using the money saved to do a range of other more inclusive family events which will still bring many thousands of people to Freo.

I can’t help but feel that there is a wider change afoot on this issue. If you need convincing of that I think this video is a good place to start:

Fremantle Dockers’ superstar Matthew Pavlich into the Fremantle Sporting Hall of Fame.

This Press Release came out today:

The City of Fremantle is pleased to announce the induction of Fremantle Dockers’ superstar Matthew Pavlich into the Fremantle Sporting Hall of Fame.

The induction comes as Pavlich prepares to play his 353rd and final AFL game this weekend in an illustrious career spanning 16 years.

He will join the likes of international basketballer Luc Longley and AFL legend John Worsfold in the hall of fame, which includes 78 people who have made major contributions to sport and/or sports administration in Fremantle.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said inducting Pavlich was a no-brainier considering the contribution he’d made to the football club and to Fremantle over his 16 year career to date.

“Matthew is a wonderful ambassador for the Fremantle Football Club and the AFL and has been an inspiration to the Fremantle community for many years; so the decision to induct him was a very easy one to make,” mayor Pettitt said.

“While undeniably the Dockers’ greatest ever player for the skill and leadership he’s shown on the field, this induction is as much about his off-field contribution where he’s used his high profile to make a positive contribution to society, including to the local community here.

“He’s as much a part of the furniture in Freo as anyone else before him and on behalf of the Fremantle community I thank and congratulate him on and outstanding AFL career and welcome him into the sporting hall of fame.”

As is the tradition and to complete the induction, a ceremonial paving block will be carved and added to the Sporting Walk of Fame in Fremantle’s Kings Square Fremantle next month. A plaque will also be mounted in the City’s Town Hall Administration Centre’s hall of fame board.

Sporting Walk of Fame

Fremantle Sporting Hall of Fame

To be eligible for the Fremantle Sporting Hall of Fame a person must have achieved state, national or international representation and fulfilled the following criteria:

  1. Outstanding sporting achievement at the highest level.
  2. Outstanding contribution to Fremantle sport administration, coaching or in a voluntary capacity.
  3. Involved in a Fremantle sporting club for a period of five years or longer.
  4. *The athlete must have retired from the highest level of competition for 5 years (waived).


*Given Matthew Pavlich’s outstanding and unquestionable contribution to Fremantle, the City has waived the usual five year waiting period for this induction


View the Fremantle Sporting Hall of Fame



Australia Day in Fremantle


Last night Fremantle Council had a full public gallery as we debated a range of complex issues. Most in the gallery were there to support the item on changing Freo’s Australia Fireworks. Council made a decision that it will not go ahead with fireworks to celebrate Australia Day in 2017 and beyond.

The City will instead be presenting a family-friendly event to celebrate being Australian on an alternative date. This will be an occasion people can all celebrate together. The date and details of this new event will be revealed once finalised.

What are  the reasons behind this council decision?

There has been a growing movement that January 26 is increasingly becoming a day that is ‘not for all Australians’. For many Aboriginal Australians it is indeed a day of sadness and dispossession. This does not just refer to Indigenous involvement but the involvement of many other Australians who feel increasingly uncomfortable with the date and what it represents.

The City has received significant feedback supporting the idea of reimagining our Australia Day celebrations from both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

I was proud last night to see Fremantle Council support this change in what I hope will see a wave of change across the nation that will see Australia Day fundamentally shift to a more inclusive and respectful approach.

While there were some concerns from the Freo business community I am confident that we can create a new inclusive event that will give us bigger bang for buck and bring more people into Fremantle on a day when more businesses can benefit. Fremantle

Of course some accuse the Council of just being overly politically correct but I think this misses the point. It’s about respect and inclusion.



Exciting Redevelopment Projects Nearing Completion in Central Fremantle

There are an impressive number of major projects nearing completion in central Fremantle in the second half of this year. This includes:

  • Atwell Arcade office building and redevelopment
  • Heirloom Woolstores redevelopment,
  • Quest Hotel and short stay apartment development on corner of Short and Packenham Street,
  • The new MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) Head Quarters on Cliff Street (see photo from inside looking out below),
  • Established apartment development on cnr of Packenham and Bannister Street (which will be finished in 46 days and 22 hours according to their website! http://www.establishedfreo.com.au/)

Having more people live, work and visit Fremantle is core to Fremantle having a vibrant future so great to see all of these so close to completion. Once allof these projects areoperating at full capacity they will enable around 1000 extra people to work, live or stay in Freo. A good start I think.

I’ll do a more in-depth look at some of these as they get closer to opening– including some sneak peaks inside the developments- starting with Atwell Arcade later this week.

In the meantime here are a couple of snaps

hierloom beach MSC IMG_3320

Beaconsfield Bi-Election Candidates Forum – Tuesday the 30th.

Before you post your vote – hear how your candidates are going to make a world of difference for Beaconsfield and Fremantle.

The Beaconsfield Bi-Election Candidates Forum is an opportunity for you to hear from the candidates and ask burning questions about things that matter to you.

DATE: Tuesday 30th August 2016
TIME: 6:30pm for 7:00pm start
VENUE: Hilton Park Bowling Club, Shepherd Street, Beaconsfield

Cash Bar will be Open

beaconsfield meeting