A Special View of Fremantle from Town Hall Clock Tower Under Repair

The Fremantle Town Hall’s $2.8 million refurbishment has enabled not only an important (de)painting of and structural repairs to this almost 130 yo building but a unique view of Fremantle from the highest point in the CBD.

It was an exciting opportunity to climb the scaffold to the top of the Town Hall tower. Getting up close to the top of the clock tower it quickly becomes apparent that the refurb is timely with not only the old paint needing to be removed to help the building’s walls breathe  (check out bizarre wrapping with yellow tape in photo below that removes the paint) but also to do some major roof and repair works to keep this building going another 130 years

It has been almost thirty years since the last major capital expenditure on the Fremantle Town Hall and key elements such as the roof cladding, down pipes and gutters need to be replaced to protect the building from ongoing deterioration, prevent the loss of culturally significant fabric and address concerns about public safety. Problems caused by inappropriate surface treatments and repairs to masonry elements carried out in the1950s – 60s, when there was little understanding of how to conserve traditional building fabric, also need to be addressed to prevent ongoing deterioration of masonry, embedded steel and timbers and decorative stucco work.

This is a major job and will go to the end of the year. For more info checkout


In the meantime enjoy some of these unique views.

IMG_3367 IMG_3368 IMG_3371 IMG_3359 IMG_3350 IMG_3352 IMG_3354 IMG_3355

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