Next Freo Network Event: Core Fremantle // Hot Soup share their vision for Fremantle



Join us for the next edition of our monthly speaker series, featuring the folks from Core Fremantle and Hot Soup speaking on:

Negotiating informal use of space in Fremantle: 
The role of emerging artists and students in the ecology of a city.

They’re going to be tackling issues related to sustainability, arts, culture, space, and community – it’s sure to be an excellent and thought provoking event.

You can join the Facebook event here:

See you for a 6pm start at The National Hotel on 6th September!

If you missed our last event on youth in Freo with Liam Carter, you can catch that here:

And if you’re in Beaconsfield Ward, check out our By-election Candidates’ Forum

Some more info from Core:

Core is an arts and co-working studio that is taking advantage of a rent discount from the City of Fremantle in the offices of the Queensgate building, as it nears redevelopment. We currently have 35 members, but over the past year and a half we’ve seen around 70, most paying the basic rate of $25/wk for their piece of space. Members have been running/partaking in 100s of events around town, realising 100s of ideas, art pieces, songs, essays, reports, poems – many as collaborative projects.

One of these major collaborations, along side Tim Grey-Smith was the cafe/gallery/soup kitchen ‘HotSoup’ where a pay-it-forward system supplied over 1000 soups for the homeless, giving them a space to rest from the street, alongside our friends/customers, weird art installations and gigs.

The Fremantle Network has provided us with an opportunity to discuss our experiences in Fremantle and we want to open a discussion about where a place like Core fits in the landscape of this constantly evolving city. Core represents a lower socio-economic but highly motivated demographic that is being squeezed out of central Fremantle and similar areas of Perth. We see a strong strategic vision for this city – which we share – but an expensive and bureaucratic landscape that is not attractive to the artists, musicians, young thinkers, students and aspirational entrepreneurs that don’t speak the languages of bureaucracy and business.

It is these other languages that we want to bring to light. We might not be attending council meetings, we’re probably not reading the Fremantle Herald and perhaps only a few are joining the debate around changes to inner city residential densities… but I can assure you that every one of us wants environmental justice, cultural diversity and a fairer future for all and will carry this message through every song, art installation, photo, essay, zine, party and dance move. These are our languages and at the moment, these languages are finding it very hard to speak in central Fremantle.

We do not want Core to be the only affordable place where these people can congregate, discuss, collaborate and work on their projects. We do not want others to have to jump through all the bureaucratic hurdles we have, to face the $1000s in disguised costs, and receive the fortnightly emails accusing us of being ‘unprofessional’, for ‘damaging the image of Fremantle’ and threats of eviction (most often accompanied with photos of our personal space, or of members holding a beer).

We love Freo, we support the strategic vision, the redevelopment and all the fantastic councilors, staff and locally owned businesses, but we must talk about those informal uses of space, those uses that are heralded in Berlin and Melbourne. What is the role of this informal demographic on the landscape of this city? We don’t have the answers, they lie within the process of negotiation, the societal conversation. Are we simply having a cultural clash between those who want to control public spaces and those who want to create something within them?

We speak different languages, but please invite us to the party, we have some killer dance moves.


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