MSC Head Office Opens in Freo’s West End

Today is a significant day for Fremantle.

The new head office of the Mediterranean Shipping Company or MSC opens today.  I believe it is the first time we have had a major international company open new headquarters in the Fremantle CBD in living memory. It will also be the first big injection of workers in to Fremantle’s historic West End since the opening of Notre Dame over 20 years ago.

The stunning retrofit of the Willihsen Building and the addition of a cleverly designed new building by North Fremantle’s Slavin Architects is extremely impressive.

I got a sneak peek through both the old and new buildings a couple of weeks ago. It is a clever integration of both and I am sure the 160 workers it will ultimately house will love working in this part of Fremantle looking over the port and the wonderful West End.

This is kind of development ticks lots of boxes for Fremantle; it sees a heritage listed building wonderfully restored and fully utilized, it sees interesting new architecture inserted into our CBD, and sees high quality new jobs back into the middle of Fremantle bringing life into Fremantle on weekdays.

Welcome to Freo MSC. Great to have you here.

Here is how the redevelopment unfolded:

Here are some views from the inside looking out of the MSC Building:

IMG_3259 IMG_3261 IMG_3268MSC

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4 Responses to MSC Head Office Opens in Freo’s West End

  1. Emma H says:

    I would love to see inside this building. Do you think MSC will have a public tour / open day? I bet others would love to see it too, maybe as part of the heritage festival?

  2. Great news Brad. Hope this is the first of many.

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