Improving Housing Choice in Fremantle

If you are interested in being part of the solution to the challenge of making more affordable and diverse in Fremantle then there are lots to get involved with this week.

First, the Dept of Housing, AUDRC and the City of Fremantle have partnered on an innovative and interactive project in the B-Shed at Fremantle Ports called MY FUTURE HOME. In this exhibition/interactive workshop space you get to design you own house and apartment both using tiny models and extraordinarily a life-size model with movable furniture and walls! This clever installation runs until Saturday at the B –Shed so check it out and design away.


In addition to this the City of Fremantle is launching its community dialogue on housing called the “FREO ALTERNATIVE: Big thinking about Small housing”.

Fremantle has a proud history of welcoming and accommodating a diverse community. From the pioneer-days of worker cottages to the expansion into suburban living, our City has always been a thriving and attractive place for people from all walks of life.

As Fremantle’s population continues to grow and change, there is an opportunity to provide a range of housing that best reflect the varied needs and aspirations of existing and future residents – which will in turn enable us to retain the community diversity we value.

Compared to the Perth metropolitan area, the City of Fremantle has a higher number of single-person households and half the number of large family households. Despite this, most suburban housing built in the City over the past 20 years has been four bedroom or larger.


Providing diverse housing in established suburbs means individuals or small households that don’t need large homes, or want to downsize, can live alongside families and larger households within the same community.

The Freo Alternative is bringing the community together to explore how we can provide more diverse housing options in our suburban areas. We want to explore with the community how to achieve this diversity while protecting the things we value about our neighbourhoods.

The project starts with a Dialogue café (details below) tomorrow night, focus groups in October and an open day in November.

The first session on this (the Dialogue Café on Thursday 8/9 6pm at the Fremantle Town Hall)  is almost fully subscribed but if you are super keen to be involved then contact the City here and hopefully they can squeeze you in. 


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  1. propertyesp says:

    Great work Fremantle!

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