When Old Shanghai was Uppies

Some one said to me the other day you can tell someone whose been around Freo for ages when they still call the food hall on Henderson St (now called Old Shanghai) Uppies or Up Market.

Then I cam across this old gem. up-markets

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2 Responses to When Old Shanghai was Uppies

  1. Old Shanghai is a great place for a cheap feed and a cold beer. Very relaxed and better food than some more up market eateries.

  2. freoishome says:

    I’ve only ever referred to it as the Up Market. Called Freo home in late 1987.
    In those days Raymond and his family ran the Noodle place, and he taught me how to use chops sticks! Had many a laugh with him. One of his practical jokes was with a new young man, who spent a number of hours slicing chilies for the sauces and cut chilies Ray prepared- so just before the rush begun he told the young man to go and have a ‘pee’, as he wouldn’t get the chance later, of course he didn’t wash his hands beforehand, apparently he was like a cat on bricks for most of the day, I’m crossing my legs recalling the story! 🙂

    They are doing some refurbishment at present, I hope they do something with redirecting the Aircon, as the cold downdraught from it can freeze you and your meal!

    Cheap good quality food, great place to people watch while waiting!

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