Segway Tours come to Fremantle

After lots of work from City of Fremantle staff and Segway Tours WA, segway tours are about to start in Fremantle in late September

They will operate in Fremantle outside the WA Museum – Shipwreck Galleries, 45 Cliff Street.

I expect this will be a popular attraction for tourists and even a few locals.

I did a tour like this when i was in Berlin a few years ago and it is a great way to get to know a city.

For more info check their website:


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4 Responses to Segway Tours come to Fremantle

  1. Lily&Shall says:

    I love Segway
    I would highly recommend this segway tour
    Easier to pick up than we’d expected! We just turned up at their office and asked if we could take a couple of segways out for around half an hour. We negotiated our price (I recommend you do this since it seemed pretty flexible), had a quick lesson and then went on a ride! We really enjoyed it.

  2. retrolina says:

    Did the company receive a grant or subsidies?

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