Join the WA Climathon Challenge: “The experience of low emission street lighting in Fremantle”.

Bring an idea or simply come along ready to brainstorm and co-create innovative solutions. The ideas will help to feed into the City of Fremantle’s future Low Carbon Strategies. The winning team will also earn a place in Climate-KiC Australia’s new Launch Pad program – the world’s largest cleantech business competition.

About the Event:

The Climathon is organised by the Climate-KIC and takes place in close to 200 cities around the world. Over the 24 hours of rapid ideation, we’ll be:

  • Identifying problems & co-creating solutions
  • Building teams & collaborating with other entrepreneurs
  • Connecting with teams across Australia & globally
  • Testing & refining ideas with mentors
  • Pitching ideas, ready to take them to the next stage!

You can also expect:

  • Yummy food
  • Lots of caffeine
  • Tonnes of chocolate
  • Fun & creative conversations
  • The possibility of creating your own start-up!
  • * sleep optional

Time & Date: 5.30pm Friday 28th – 5.30pm Saturday 29th Oct.

Please note, this is not a sleep over event! We will have to be out of the venue by 11pm Fri night and doors will open 8am Saturday morning.

Location: Spacecubed, 45 St Georges Tce, Perth

Dinner, Breakfast & Lunch Provided

Be sure to RSVP asap, we only have limited spots available!

This is a free event thanks to our partners: City of Fremantle, Spacecubed, Curtin University, Alumni for Social Impact.

For more information about the Climate-KiC, visit

If you have any questions in the lead up to the event, please contact


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5 Responses to Join the WA Climathon Challenge: “The experience of low emission street lighting in Fremantle”.

  1. Lionel says:

    Can we all agree the wind powered lights on North Mole are a failure? Most of the turbines don’t even spin in a 40 knot SW storm.

  2. Tommo says:

    I think you need to be careful with this one. The warmth of filament lights cannot be matched by awful LEDs producing a hospital like nasty harsh light. A stunning town like Fremantle should be careful not to save a few bucks on electricity by making the whole town have an awful hospital like lighting rather than the warm amber glow of a gorgeous fremantle old building/pub.

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