The West: Expert Urges Fresh Look at Heritage

I appreciate this quote from Heritage architect Philip Griffiths in The West this week:

“In the past, Fremantle has been hamstrung by heritage. People felt they couldn’t do anything. It took a much wiser council to look around and persuade people that heritage areas provide opportunities rather than problems.”

Full article is here 


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4 Responses to The West: Expert Urges Fresh Look at Heritage

  1. Robert. says:

    What nonsense? The voice of one. The choice of location Has the building he is proudly gracing upon had 3 or 4 extra floors added . I think Not!. Vandalism. Concrete/ glass graffiti for a quick profit. Shame Shame

    • Robert.
      I actually think Phil has a point. Freo spent the last two decades saying no to almost everything and then wondered why no new investment was flowing into this town.

      But there is no need for a false divide between heritage and development. Heritage is best protected when it is sensitively adapted and used. That is the balance we need to get right.


  2. Suzanne says:

    I do agree with Robert here Brad. Retaining a facade and whacking up huge monstrosities on top does not keep with the Heritage. Think Rome and Paris, where height restriction is maintained and modernity within enhances without ruining the beautiful buildings.

    However, congratulations to you, the Fremantle Council and State Heritage for maintaining your stance on the illegally erected platform behind Kidigo. People bleating over an apparent $30,000 spent, should realize that is a minimal outlay, to squat on pristine oceanfront, worth well over ONE MILLION DOLLARS.
    Swan River has rules to stop incursion, so one assumes do beaches, especially the states most historic bay, Bathers Beach.

    Nup, Joanna no doubt knew it would be a resounding ‘NO’ and still went ahead. Silly Billy.
    When functions are on, Security does not permit passage via the original boardwalk, paid for by ratepayers.

    Lets hope the Planning Commission abides by the advice of Council and Heritage.

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