Be Part of the Fremantle Foundation’s Impact 100 Fremantle

This Tuesday the Fremantle Foundation will once again create a huge impact on a community organisation in Fremantle through Impact100 Fremantle. I have been proud to personally donate toward this impressive initiative for the last 4 years. Please have a read of what they are doing below and donate if you are able.

Join Impact100 Fremantle

The strength of Impact100 Fremantle is everyone chipping in a $1000 donation to make up a game changing grant of $100,000 to a local charitable project in Fremantle.

It’s about Fremantle people addressing Fremantle issues.

And the appeal of donating is that everyone votes democratically to decide the winning recipients. If you donate, you get to vote.

We’re excited to have 4 great projects in the running for Impact100 Fremantle this year addressing the question “How do we create a culture of connection in Fremantle?” 

We asked for projects that bring life to public spaces through creativity.

From the list below you can see we’ve got some great options.

With the final days counting down to Tuesday the 8th, Impact100 Fremantle is making one last call out for donations from those who care about Fremantle.

Are you in?

To get help make an impact in Fremantle, join Impact100 Fremantle by clicking here: Donation-Impact100-Fremantle-2016

Voting and Awards night – decide the winner of $100,000 

Our Voting and Awards night is on the 8th of November at PSAS at 6.30pm. For more details on that night click here.

Many thanks,



Four Finalist Projects 2016 

The Fremantle Men’s Community Shed evolved from an idea that men in the Fremantle area could benefit from having a “tooled up” shared shed facility to work on personal or community projects. The Shed will implement a 32×5 week specifically designed Shed based workshops over a 24-months period, focusing on working with wood and mental and social interaction. Partnerships will be drawn up with four target groups consisting of vulnerable youth, refugee men and women and persons living with mental illness. This project aims to create a non-judgemental positive environment that optimises interaction while building competence and confidence and moving towards re-engagement back into the community through collegiate support and achievement.

The Museum of Moving Objects (MOMO) provides informal and lively interpretation of the Western Australia history through object driven workshops, exhibition and collaborative projects with a mobile museum that brings history and archaeology to life in schools and communities. The Creating Connections/Talking Objects project aims to engage and celebrate the history and contribution of the aged care communities of Fremantle, connecting them together with each other, the youth and their community environment. It is made up of “Creating connections through objects” which is an object-driven interactive workshop that connects the elderly and participating local school children through social history workshop and “My object, my story” which tells history stories through videos in unusual public spaces in Fremantle. It gives the silent elderly generation a voice and connects the young and old together to create a culture of respect.

Lifting Horizons is a harm prevention charity that creates, runs and sources social inclusion and engagement projects to protect youth at risk from harm and support their positive choices to break the cycle of disadvantage. The Night Hoops Youth Engagement Project aims to engage at-risk or disengaged young people and offer safe and constructive activities and pathways on Saturday nights, where anti-social behaviour is at its peak, over the course of 48 weeks in 2017 to 2018. With food and transport provided, Night Hoops includes basketball, life skills workshops and engagement with cultural mentors and local volunteers. With the added opportunity for five participants to compete in a tournament and take part in a cultural exchange in Singapore.

Perth Symphony Orchestra aims to bring about a music revolution in Western Australia and getting the widest possible involved by bringing world-class music to communities. The “Big Play Big Sing” project provides an opportunity for community members who have once learned an instrument or sung to do it again. Workshops and sectional rehearsals will be conducted with principal musicians with simple versions of the score for participants. This will lead to a mass orchestra and mass choir flashmob performance in Fremantle. “Big Play Big Song” will bring people together through music and performance.

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