Freo is Virtually an Amazing Community

The recent Fremantle Festival highlighted to me how special Fremantle is a community. But you probably didn’t need the festival to remind you of that.

I have often thought of Fremantle as a series of connected villages. I like that people care about each other and speak to each other on the street. This is a rarity in greater Perth.

I think Fremantle might also have one of the most active online communities too. We have extraordinary virtual communities that that keep us informed, debate the issues and even help each other out.  Here are a few of my favourites:

Freomassive ( which is .. well… massive and very Freo.  I’ve been both amazed and impressed by not only how quickly this Facebook group has grown but how fantastic Fremantle people are to respond to each others requests and help and provide answers, lend stuff, and have the occasional political debate.

Freoview ( is the extremely popular blog by photographer and former Fremantle Society president Roel Loopers. Not only does it have Roel’s beautiful Freo photos but it’s a great source of community discussion, opinion, and events too.

Freofood ( is a new and rapidly growing Facebook group that is reconnecting Freo people with locally grown food and narrowing the often overly big gap between paddock and plate. It’s full of people sharing both fresh produce and fresh food related ideas.

Freo Network ( is slightly less virtual (although it does have a Facebook page) as it does also bring people face to face. In fact it’s aim is to break down the silos between parts of our community that might not normally engage with each other. It’s all about dialogue and fresh thinking for Fremantle.

And finally Love Freo ( deserves a special mention for being one of the first blogs celebrating our part of the world. They even created a great little book that you can still find around the place.

And all these are just a small example of what is out there.  There is even Freo Hub that pulls it all together (

Thanks Freo for being virtually (and really) amazing.


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