You would have no doubt have heard the announcement about the City of Fremantle ’s “One Day” in Fremantle event in Saturday 28 January 2017. I think having an alternative event (that will be in addition to the traditional Australia Day fireworks now put on by Fishing Boat Harbour Traders and the Fremantle BID) is a win-win for Freo.


Here is the media release that went out and some photos:

One Day in Fremantle is an opportunity for all Australians to come together and celebrate the multicultural diversity of our country.

Presented by the City of Fremantle, the free, family-friendly event is a culturally-inclusive alternative to traditional Australia Day celebrations that will see some of Australia’s finest artists take to the stage.

The Esplanade Reserve will host performances by world-class artists John Butler, Dan Sultan and Mama Kin.

Families will have the opportunity to enjoy and take part in a range of fun arts and cultural activities.

“I feel very honoured and privileged to be part of One Day in Fremantle. It takes bold steps to move forward as a community and I really commend the City of Fremantle for their vision to create a space and a moment that is culturally sensitive and inclusive. A day in which all Australians can happily celebrate and invest in,” said John Butler.

“We are immensely proud to have artists of this calibre join Fremantle to celebrate diversity, inclusion and acceptance for all Australians. Whether it’s enjoying live music or participating in engaging art and cultural  activities, this event is for all Australians to unite and celebrate on one day,” added Fremantle Mayor Dr. Brad Pettitt.

The celebrations will be hosted by multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Gina Williams and include a Welcome to Country by Marie Taylor and Dr. Richard Walley OAM.

A citizenship ceremony will welcome new Australians from around the world.

To help shape future celebrations in Fremantle, a series of conversations hosted by locals and guests will encourage people to share their ideas and what they love about celebrating Australia.

“This family-friendly event will contribute to the nationwide conversation on celebrating our country and its people. Fremantle is offering Australians another day to celebrate – together,” said Dr Pettitt.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a picnic and enjoy the stellar line-up whilst embracing the diversity of modern-day Australia.

Celebrate Australia in the heart of Fremantle – one day when everyone is welcome.

One Day in Fremantle is a free, family-friendly event that will be held at the Esplanade Reserve in Fremantle on Saturday 28 of January, 2.00–8.00 pm.

For more information, visit:


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  1. Geoffrey Sach says:

    What evidence do you have to support the view that the community does not want to celebrate Australia Day on the 26 february? Has the City of Fremantle conducted a poll of its residents?

  2. Frank O'Neill says:

    Nice one, ‘One Day’ Brad keeping it simple, keeping it inclusive, keeping it positive……

  3. Lionel says:

    Fremantle is the laughing stock of the nation.

  4. Lars Rasmussen says:

    Celebreting One Day is the councils choice and you are not representing the majority. You are not really bold because you still celebrate Australia Day and you should. Your blog closes by saying “where everyone is welcome”-honestly I thought that was the case all the time but now you have left me wondering! When even indigenous people are speaking against One Day then you know you got it wrong. Try it-see how it goes and maybe a big artist will save the day for you- just for one day.
    What will you do on WA day?

  5. Bowen Summerton says:

    Great stuff in moving the date for celebrations for new citizens etc. Next year maybe consider March 3rd the Day the Australia Act came into force in 1986. This was when we actually became a an independent sovereign nation separated from UK sovereignty.

  6. Once again the council has shown how out of touch it is with the majority of its rate payers by refusing to celebrate Australia day with the rest of the nation. No doubt ALL council staff will now work on the 26th so as not to offend those who have the most say and to do otherwise would be an insult to those who are so offended by Australia day. Enjoy working on the 26 th while the rest of Australia celebrates this great Nation you don’t want to be a part of.

  7. Peter Brookes says:

    Brad, for once, put the community before your political ambitions.
    Take a look at Freo and understand who the hell built it and who made it what it is today.
    What you call culturally sensitive, I call historically disrespectful.
    We should cherish our aboriginal people, not use them as a pawn in a political crusade and desire for recognition by the extreme left.
    Lets face it, the private sector are going to put on twice the show for 1/2 the price anyway. Maybe we should thank you.
    Happy Australia day Brad

    • Peter
      I don’t think this is kind of issue that gets raised for political ambitions. In fact the most common negative comment is that it is political suicide. Pleasingly neither matter too much because I am happy as mayor and not running for other office.
      Whether you agree or not it is coming from a place of respect.
      cheers, Brad

  8. Matt says:

    Thank you Brad.
    To me Fremantle has always been a place with Aboriginal significance because it existed long before it was claimed by the man with the same name.
    You held the citizenship ceremony and handed me the cherished Australian certificate this year – in Fremantle.
    I respect the privilege to be Australian and I respect Australia’s Aboriginal people. It is important to be aware that Australia Day does also provide sadness and celebrates the start of dispossession. Your, as the mayor’s, and Fremantle council’s cultural awareness drive helps me to have respect and to be aware, wanting to learn more and embrace the beautiful place we live in fully.
    Not many public figureheads have the courage to truly acknowledge Aboriginal culture and values, with respect, and doing so decisively. This is leadership, and we need more of it.

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