End of 2016 Freo Photo Competition

As a way of closing off another year I thought I’d end the year with another little fun Freo photo competition with some snaps I took throughout the year.

The first person to write and tell me where in Fremantle each of the following 15 photos was taken from (not what they were taken of) gets the not all that amamzing prize of me buying them lunch in Fremantle at a café (you get to to choose at least!).

If no one gets them all then the winner will be the person with the most correct answers. Number of each photo is just underneath each photo.

Thanks for reading and commenting on Freo issues throughout 2016.

This blog and I are planning to have a couple of weeks off so Happy New Year and see you in 2017!

















We’re Another Year Older… But It’s Been A Good 2016 for Freo

I hope everyone had a enjoyable Christmas and most of you are getting a well-deserved break over coming days and weeks.

One thing I love about this time of year is the opportunity to look back and reflect on the last 12 months.

2016 was a big year for Fremantle so thought I’d wrap the year up with a few photos of the year.

We had some wonderful visitors from Australia’s Governor General to the King and Queen of the Netherlands. We had politicians from all sides of the WA’s Parliament visit Fremantle and, of course, some important announcements including the transformative 1500 government workers moving into the Kings Square redevelopment as well as the important state heritage listing of the Fremantle’s West End.

In 2016 I think it is also fair to say the Fremantle turned the investment and development corner with a number of new developments completed including the Atwell Arcade, the new MSC headquarters on Cliff Street, the Heirloom Woolstores redevelopment, and the Quest Hotel on Packenham St.

But it was not all about development, in 2016 there was also some amazing community events such as the High Street long table dinner to raise money for St Pats, the very special Fremantle Foundation Impact 100 community projects, and the emergence of impressive on-line communities like Fremantle Massive. This is not to mention the Australia Day conversation that went national and of course the fabulous container Rainbow.

It’s been a good year and here is to a great 2017 too.


King Square announcement with the Premier

King Square announcement with the Premier


West End Listing with Minister Jacobs and Lynn MacLaren

West End Listing with Mike Finn, Minister Jacobs and Lynn MacLaren

Governer General with Fremantle Foundation crew

Governor General with Fremantle Foundation crew


King and Queen of the Netherlands with Mike Lefroy

King and Queen of the Netherlands with Mike Lefroy and I.

Long table dinner on High Street

Long table dinner on High Street




Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year.

FREO ROYALE brings Fringe World to Fremantle from January 27th – February 12th 2017.

I am already looking  to welcoming back the best of comedy, theatre, cabaret, music and art as FREO ROYALE brings Fringe World to Fremantle from January 27th – February 12th 2017.

FREO ROYALE is presented by  Vulture Culture and proudly supported by the City of Fremantle. It will have over 130 performances in 11 iconic venues across Fremantle.

Highlights from this year’s program include the unmissable Freo Royale Gala Spectacular hosted by Dave Callan and Lawrence Mooney, DJ Phone Home, Funk Club’s: A Funk Train Experience, Sound & Fury’s Sherlock Holmes, Australia’s Funniest Shorts, Brewed Laughter and Uncorked Comedy.

Local Fremantle favourites the Fremantle Town Hall, Federal Hotel, The National Hotel, Sail and Anchor, Navy Club, Flyby Musicians Club, Western Australian Maritime Museum, Kidogo Arthouse, The Old Roundhouse, Paper Bird Children’s Books and Arts and Creatures Nextdoor are all participating venues this year, providing charming performance spaces to host a range of amazing shows.

The jewel in FREO ROYALE’s crown is Kings Square Common – pop-up bar, as the space just outside the Fremantle Town Hall transforms into the central meeting place of the festival for patrons to enjoy a casual drink and delicious food

For the full program, opening hours, show times, costs and more information, visit




From the Council Chambers December 2016

White Gum Valley Primary School wins Recycle Right’s Pallet Garden Competition

Great to hear that the winner of the Recycle Right pallet garden is Freo’s wonderful White Gum Valley Primary School. After a compelling tour of their school, showing the Recycle Right team all the ways they reduce, reuse and recycle and the empty space that will now be the home of the Recycle Right pallet garden wall.

Principal Glenn Rondoni announced the win at a recent school assembly, along with the additional exciting news that students at the school had also been successful in winning a $100 Bunnings voucher, which will be put to good use buying plants for the garden.

The Recycle Right team said they were absolutely blown away by the amazing things being done at schools in our region, which made judging this competition difficult but also very inspiring.

For those of yo that don’t know Recycle Right is a campaign which encourages and assists residents and businesses in Western Australia to recycle, reduce their rubbish and buy more recycled products. http://recycleright.wa.gov.au/


n19neteendouro: More Density Done Well

Yesterday I got to have a look through the recently completed development at 19 Douro Road South Fremantle. This is an innovative development that is also largely sold out – once again demonstrating the demand for high quality but affordable apartments in and around Fremantle. I especially like the materials and the industrial but refined feel this development has. Here are some photos.

img_4717 img_4722 img_4728 img_4730 img_4733 img_4734 img_4738