GEN Y Demonstration Housing Project launched at WGV

WGV at White Gum Valley is home to the GEN Y Demonstration Housing Project, a great demonstration of sustainable, flexible and cost effective dwellings to suit 21st century living.

I was part of the original judging panel for this and we were excited about this new housing model that could provide a practical demonstration that can easily be replicated to provide an affordable living environment for Gen Y’ers and future generations to come.

The David Barr designed houses showcase innovative design for flexible infill housing and affordable living. It has 3 unit on a 250m2 block each with their own outdoor living area but with shared spaced too.

With a design strategy of ‘small and raw’ units that are well located and well-priced, the project attempts to reconceptualise what is achievable when community, sustainability and cost are prioritised equally.

The three apartments respond to the problem of the ‘missing middle’ of medium density housing, whereby housing stock in Australia (and internationally) is increasingly either low density single family homes or higher density apartments, with little choice in between.

This model also provides an excellent demonstration of a housing solution that bridges the gap between the single house and large apartment block, providing stealth density in medium density areas that integrates well with the streetscape.

Here are some photos from the launch.

2016-11-30-geny-house-launch-47 2016-11-30-geny-house-launch-41 2016-11-30-geny-house-launch-35 2016-11-30-geny-house-launch-34 2016-11-30-geny-house-launch-31 2016-11-30-geny-house-launch-30

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7 Responses to GEN Y Demonstration Housing Project launched at WGV

  1. Very good. Now this could also be suitable for seniors. Retirement villages are out of the affordability of many pensioners and public housing is non existing. Any price indication?

  2. Lionel says:

    So would it be fair to say these are going to be 1 bed starting from 350k? Doesn’t sound that affordable.

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