Homeless Ousted?: Fremantle Herald a Long Way From Reality on this Story

The Fremantle Herald’s Homeless Ousted article this week on St Pats and the Stan Reilly site was frustratingly inaccurate and misleading. The article starts by saying “THIRTY TWO homeless people are to be kicked out of the Stan Reilly centre in Fremantle to make way for temporary council offices.”

So to correct the record NO homeless men currently residing at Stan Reilly on South Tce will be “ousted”, “kicked out” or thrown to the street as a result of the City of Fremantle’s redevelopment of the site.

In contrast, these men (who normally stay there for around 3 months) will however be assisted to find more permanent accommodation, and rehoused if necessary.  The City of Fremantle CEO and I have been working closely with the St Pats CEO and staff in recent weeks to make sure we have a plan that ensures that these guys are looked after. As part of this the City of Freo is looking to either build them temporary accommodation or to fund a transition plan to put them in alternative accommodation provided by St Pats and other community housing organisations. This doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges in the transition but we are doing our best to do the right thing.

The Stan Reilly site housing was always provided on a temporary basis (month by month mostly) to St Patrick’s Community Care as the City of Fremantle explored  redevelopment options for the site. But now we are at the point to of starting the first stage of re development I want to make it very clear that the City of Fremantle takes seriously the need to make sure that St Pat’s clients are looked after properly.

Can I finally say of the Fremantle Herald, this story was especially disappointing because the journo (Stephen Pollock) was in the Fremantle Council Chambers and heard the debate. He knew full well kicking them without regard for their welfare out was not on any of our agenda but he still chose to write this sensationalist story (or perhaps it was sub-edited this way). While I can correct this I still feel for those gents at Stan Reilly who did read the Herald over the weekend and were made to feel unreasonably insecure about their housing future. The Fremantle Herald should be more responsible than that.


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