Fremantle seeks clarity on Perth Freight Link tunnel

It is good to be back in Freo feeling refreshed after some time off and a very windy hike in the Southern Ranges of Tasmania.

While I was away both the PFL/Roe 8 continued to be major issue of debate and protest. While Roe 8 is officially outside of Fremantle’s boundaries, I want to send out a heartfelt thanks to those who have been peacefully protesting against this road and the potentially senseless clearing of bushland and habitat along the Roe 8 reserve.

Further down the road towards Fremantle we have been trying to get answers on what WA’s most expensive road would mean for Fremantle and our suburbs.

Here is a press release we put out this morning:

20 January 2017
Fremantle seeks clarity on Perth Freight Link tunnel

The City of Fremantle has welcomed the increased certainty provided by the Premier’s announcement of a Roe 9 tunnel but reiterates its long-standing position of not supporting the Perth Freight Link (PFL) in its current proposed form.

The City favours the development of a new second harbour south of Fremantle as a long-term solution to Perth’s growing container freight and traffic congestion issues.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said while the Premier’s weekend announcement provided a degree of certainty to residents in some suburbs, it raised new questions and concerns for residents across many suburbs in the City of Fremantle.

“While it’s pleasing that both major political parties now have firm positions on the PFL in the lead up to the state election, there remains considerable confusion for residents of Fremantle as to the proposed route and impacts of the PFL.” Dr Pettitt said.

“The Premier’s confirmation that no further road upgrades will occur between the Stirling and Canning Highway intersection and the port raises questions regarding traffic congestion. With tens of thousands of extra vehicles expected to use the PFL we fear a severe traffic bottleneck at the already busy intersection of Canning and Stirling Highways and congestion along Tydeman Road ultimately restricting access from the North into Fremantle.

“On behalf of Fremantle residents and ratepayers, the City will seek further details from the government about the likely impact of the construction of the proposed tunnel.”

In the weeks ahead the City will seek responses to the critical questions listed below and requests this information be made available to the broader community.

Residents need to know:

  1. What is the proposed alignment of the tunnel through Hilton, Beaconsfield and White Gum Valley and which parts will require resumption of homes and/or cut and cover construction?
  1. How will the approximately 160 properties within the tunnel footprint be protected from noise, vibration and subsidence, and what assurances can be made in regards to property values being maintained?
  1. Will the tunnel emerge north or south of the High Street and Stirling Highway intersection?
  1. Will tunnel construction result in road closures or restricted road access? What are the anticipated short and long-term traffic impacts for the greater Fremantle area and how will these be addressed?
  1. Will a toll be applied to the tunnel and if so, what percentage of traffic is estimated to seek alternative routes through residential areas to avoid paying the toll?
  1. What will be the impact of the tunnel on bores, groundwater and tree root systems?
  1. How will the tunnel be ventilated, and if ventilation shafts are to be used, how many will be needed, where will they be located, what size will they be and what will be the tenure of the land on which they are built? How will the serious health issue of diesel particulate emissions be dealt with considering the proximity to homes, schools and health facilities?
  1. What assurances can be provided that existing traffic, pedestrian and cycling movements in and out of the Fremantle city centre, North Fremantle town centre and Port and Leighton beaches won’t become completely severed or subject to severe congestion issues?
  1. What initial upgrades to the road network are required within North and East Fremantle given the tunnel will deliver significantly more traffic to this area? What does modelling suggest this increase would look like and how will this be managed to ensure local residents aren’t severely affected?
  1. What are the future plans for dealing with the last link to the port and how will that impact the surrounding communities of North and East Fremantle? Is this final upgrade expected to be another tunnel, or duplication of Stirling Bridge and grade separations and upgrades to roads leading into the port?

For more information on council’s position on the proposed Perth Freight link visit


We obviously don’t want a less comical version of this if there seriously are no plans for getting across the river and through North Fremantle:


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9 Responses to Fremantle seeks clarity on Perth Freight Link tunnel

  1. Considering this project has been planned for many years now why is the City of Freo only now asking these questions ?? or is this just another protest at a vital piece of our transport system.?

    • We’ve been asking many of these questions for the last year or two. With the recent government announcements we thought it worth us putting these to them again with some new ones

    • gnangarra says:

      Colin has just announced that it will be a tunnel under residential and business in the City of Fremantle where as previously it was an open road following High Street. Tunnels bring with them a whole new range of issues, concerns and responsibilities. How will Booyeembara park be affected given its been created in a quarry and is significantly lower than the surrounding area and in the path of where the tunnel will need to resurface

  2. gnangarra says:

    please ask specifically where Placard loads and oversized loads will go as experience internationally is that they should never use tunnels. Also what safety contingencies will be provided for should an incident occur in the tunnel will there be a specialist Fire bridage unit for the tunnel, what will the alternative routes be should the tunnel be closed for any reason including maintenance.

  3. Scott says:

    I cant believe that someone that wants to best for fremantle is still standing on the hose when everyone else is dying of thirst

    Fremantle needed Roe completed before i was born

    But atleast Roe8 wont draw any clout from freo in the upcoming election seeing as its a safe labor seat

  4. steve says:

    As Mayor of Fremantle you seem to be good at highlighting the problems. Do you have any solutions? You have been there long enough overseeing continuing stagnation.
    Access into Fremantle is dismal. It looks like a car park all the time with verges and street parking clogging it up. Quaint ideas on architecture have ruined the street scape. Grafitti art abounds and looks disgusting. You won’t embrace new contemporary architecture. Crime at night
    Is as bad as Northbridge. Suburbs planning is atrocious: Hilton Park you are making new housing look old to blend in, instead of embracing new and old.

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