Freo Photo Comp Winners and Answers

Congratulations to Kylie  Richardson for being this year’s winner of the Freo Photo Comp.

Kylie extraordinarily got all 15 answers correct despite me making it harder this year

Big shout out to Ellen McCarthy and  Cas Pearson who came very close with all but Council  couple right.

Thanks to all of that entered and had a go. It was fun.

Here are the answers:

  1. Douro Rd cnr Hulbert Street
  2. Outside the Orange Box, Leighton Beach
  3. Inside the old Fort Knox Building, Heirloom by Match
  4. Inside the Cantonment Hill Signal Station
  5. Army Accommodation, Queen Victoria St (rear)
  6. Fremantle Prison (East-side)
  7. Federal Hotel Balcony (formally Rosie O’Grady’s)
  8. Laneway between Phillimore and High St in the West End behind New Orleans Cafe
  9. 22 Cliff Street, standing in front of the façade looking East
  10. Knutsford St, West of the Business Foundations Entrance of the Prison
  11. The Attic Café, Looking onto Bannister St
  12. Atwell Arcade Development first floor
  13. From the Tow Hall Tower at Town Hall, looking South
  14. Wilhelmsen House (Mediterranean Shipping Company)
  15. Quest Hotel, Looking South down Pakenham Street

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2 Responses to Freo Photo Comp Winners and Answers

  1. Chris Carmody says:

    Fremantle is all about encouraging community development and paricipation. Miles in front of anyone else

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