Thanks for Making One Day a Very Special Day.

Well that was a very special weekend. One I will remember for a long, long time.

From the extraordinary smoking ceremony at the Roundhouse all the way through to John Butler, Dan Sultan, Muma Kin and Gina Williams singing an amazing rendition of Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody’s “From Little Things Big Things Grow” with thousands singing along as the sun set glowed over Bathers Beach and the Esplanade – it might have only been one day in Fremantle but it is a day that I hope will resonate around the country for a long time yet.

I want to throw out a huge, heart-felt thanks to those who made it both possible and so special:

  • To our aboriginal brothers and sisters, from the elders who we had the original conversations with in 2016 (including but not in any way limited to: Len Collard, Robert Eddington and Dumbartung crew, Noel Nannup, Richard Walley, Mingli  and Uncle Ben Taylor) to the amazing younger crew who participated in very powerful smoking ceremony.
  • To the talented performers at One Day (John Butler, Dan Sultan, Mama Kin, as well as Marie Taylor, Richard Walley, Herbert Bropho and Gina Williams) who delivered a stunning afternoon with great music and powerful messages;
  • To my fellow Fremantle Council members and City of Fremantle staff (especially Pete and Sarah) and Detail crew – this was a real team effort and great to work alongside such inspiring people of integrity;
  • To the many thousands of you who came from Fremantle and beyond to make it a special day. It really was a multicultural day with people of all ages and nationalities including a huge showing from the wider aboriginal community. As Phil Walley-Stack wrote to me that morning: “Heading to Fremantle to celebrate being a Nyoongar and a Proud Australian – with no mixed emotions!”

Of course One Day in Fremantle was only one small step we took together on the path towards greater inclusion and respect. We have a long way to go but I feel proud that so many of us took that step together in Fremantle this weekend.

Here are a few snaps I took in the afternoon. Thank you!

dsc07038 dsc07040 dsc07042 dsc07045 dsc07047

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6 Responses to Thanks for Making One Day a Very Special Day.

  1. Michael Englert says:

    Brothers and sisters in harmony is the only way to heal, open hearts and minds change lives. Those who pedal fear and hatred are sitting in that space as we sat in love and peace for “one day in Fremantle” big tears of happiness from my heart and gratitude for this experience 🕊

  2. Judith Kenny says:

    It was a fantastic day and made me feel so proud to be a citizen of Fremantle, with such an enlightened vision.

  3. Paula Amaral says:

    Thank you Brad and City of Fremantle, it was an amazing day!

  4. freoview says:

    It was a very special day indeed and I found the Nyoongar smoking ceremony at the Roundhouse very moving.
    I believe it is very good that there is now national awareness and debate about the date of Australia Day and if we should move it. We all want to celebrate Australia for the great country it is but maybe January 26 is not the perfect date for it.
    Very inspiring to see that there were serious and considered opinion pieces in the national media and big newspapers.
    I don’t believe this is a political debate but a debate about culture, humanity and history and see if we can fine-tune our celebration of Australia.
    Good leadership sometimes upsets a lot of people and the challenge is to bring the community along and make it inclusive rather than divisive. I know we can do that because we still believe in a fair go!

    Roel Loopers

  5. Philip Griffiths says:

    Well done Freo. Time for a thoughtful change and to let go manufactured traditions

  6. Carolyn Moylan says:

    Truly amazing day to see my Nyungar family and supporters Jurriping (happy) in their Korts(hearts) respect to the Elders.

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