One Day: Photos, News and Views

Fremantle photographer Jean-Paul Horre took some amazing photos at One Day and the Smoking Ceremony on Saturday for NITV. Check them out here (and one below).


SBS also did a good TV news piece on the smoking ceremony that you can see here until Feb 4th.


Finally, and a nice piece to finish on, is Brendan Foster’s latest opinion piece on WA Today. Brendan has come along with Fremantle on this journey and been a key part of the discussion and debate.



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3 Responses to One Day: Photos, News and Views

  1. Stephen says:

    Congrats to you Mr Mayor for your vision in fostering and sponsoring the event and then having the bravery to stick with the idea as pressure was piled upon you from all angles (it is often the Mayor of Fremantle gains international press coverage). The ultimate endorsement was the attendance of so many indigenous people at the event and the tolerant and peaceful tone of the event. Thanks for your leadership. You are worth every cent of my rates.

  2. Leann Jones says:

    Amazing, well done to everyone involved!
    What beautiful photos to mark this fantastic day.

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