Some Creative Fundraisers for Beeliar

For those of us that care about the Beeliar Wetlands the last few weeks have been especially saddening to see the environmental destruction that has been occurring as part of the Roe 8 construction (which the Fremantle Council has a long-term position of not supporting).

But the battle is not over yet and if you would like to contribute to their protection then here are a couple of ways you can:

  1. George Haynes’ prints

As you might have seen in inside Cover today (see below) George Haynes has done some beautiful prints of Beeliar bushland. George is one of Western Australia’s best known artists. Living close to the Beeliar Wetlands, he has spent many weeks capturing the unique and beautiful bushland of the area.

This project, facilitated by his daughter Hannah Fitzhardinge (who is on Fremantle Council  too!) this is George’s way of contributing to the efforts of the community groups that have formed to oppose the Roe 8 Project, which threatens this important wetland area. All profits raised by this project will for Save Beeliar Wetlands / Rethink the Link. For more information:

  1. eBook about the Beeliar Wetlands

An original eBook about the Beeliar Wetlands and illustrated by Freo local Katie Hobbs. The eBook about two Carnaby’s cockatoos – Cara & Cody is interactive, with a voice over of the story, animations & videos, and includes Noongar language translations. For more info see:


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