Fremantle Oval Lease Negotiation Progressing Well.

You may have seen today the story in the West about the Fremantle Oval and the ongoing City of Fremantle /Docker negotiation:

These are getting close to been finalised so I can’t say much more at the moment (other than the West’s dollar figures aren’t correct) but here is a statement we put out today (and more to come in next few weeks):


Fremantle Oval lease
The City of Fremantle and the Fremantle Football Club (FFC) are close to finalising an agreement which will see the FFC surrender its head lease of Fremantle Oval back to the community.

Council has authorised City officers to finalise negotiations with the FFC within an approved set of parameters, with a view to reaching a formal agreement in the coming weeks.


Securing the head lease back into community hands will pave the way for redeveloping the precinct into a premier community and sporting hub.


The redevelopment of the Fremantle Oval Precinct is one of two key projects identified by council as being able to continue the revitalisation of Fremantle and provide jobs, redevelop underutilised assets and maximise social and economic benefits for WA.


Further details will be made available once negotiations have been finalised.



Media enquiries:

Communication Coordinator

City of Fremantle

T 08 9432 9552



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One Response to Fremantle Oval Lease Negotiation Progressing Well.

  1. Let us hope this can be settled quickly and that the Dockers act in a fair ,responsible fashion that is a benefit to all the community not just their bank balance. One must ask have the Dockers given back to the Fremantle community as much as the community has given to them?

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