Australia Ship Simulation Centre Opening – A Future Freo Business, Now.

This week I got to do quite a unique opening which included the unique smashing of a virtual bottle of champagne on a virtual ship’s bow.

It was largely virtual because the opening was of the new specialist Australia Ship Simulation Centre in Fremantle’s Atwell Arcade. The Australia Ship Simulation Centre is owned and operated by UK- based HR Wallingford and provides expert navigation consultancy and a dedicated Pilot training centre for Western Australia and the wider region.

The opening was a memorable evening but it was also more than this. It is significantly another good example of what I believe will increasingly key part of the future of the Fremantle economy – high tech/innovation focused businesses, often with a specialist marine focus.

The now fully leased Atwell Arcade office building has become a hub of innovative marine and sustainability businesses. When seen alongside the recent completion of the MSC headquarters in Cliff Street, there is pleasingly a steady growth in high quality, nationally significant employment in the heart of Fremantle.

There is plenty more to do but significant openings like this are steps towards Fremantle as a distinctive and vibrant second city.


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One Response to Australia Ship Simulation Centre Opening – A Future Freo Business, Now.

  1. freoview says:

    Sounds great Brad!

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