People Cities: the Legacy of Jan Gehl

This week a few us from the City of Fremantle had the pleasure of siting down and having a chat with acclaimed Danish urban planner Jan Gehl.  Jan was over in Australia to reflect on the work he had in Australian cities such as Melbourne and Perth.

He was also here to be part of a celebration and launch of a book on his extraordinary contribution to make cities all around the world better places for people. People Cities: the Life and Legacy of Jan Gehl is written by Curtin University’s Professor Peter Newman and Dr Annie Matan (who now works at the City of Fremantle advising us on sustainable city planning.

Jan’s contribution has been impressive and you can see this especially in his home town of Copenhagen where a few years ago I got to meet him and be shown around – on bike of course – the city by his impressive staff at Gehl Architects. In Copenhagen more people ride each day than drive a car and it has been said “a 10-year-old child can now cycle across the city because of an emphasis on safe intersection crossings.”.

Here is the link to the talk he gave while he was here. It is inspiring:


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One Response to People Cities: the Legacy of Jan Gehl

  1. Ann Dolan says:

    A very informative session… love to see Perth with safer cycle ways and less emphasis on cars.

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