Freo Oval Deal Finalized with Dockers

After  long negotiations I am pleased to say that the City of Fremantle and the Fremantle Football Club have reached an agreement which will see Fremantle Oval returned to the community and redeveloped as a vibrant precinct hosting a wide range of cultural and sporting events, including AFL Women’s games.

This was well covered in the media today including:


In summary, following negotiations with the Fremantle Football Club (FFC), the City of Fremantle is set to resume the 37 year head lease of Fremantle Oval via a $1.5m settlement paid in instalments to the FFC over a three year period.

Now that we have finalised the lease negotiation with the Dockers we can get on with transforming the oval and surrounding precinct into a valuable community asset with cultural and sporting events all year round

As you would have read previously, the redevelopment of the Fremantle Oval precinct is one of two priority projects identified by council (the other being the development of the South Quay area of Fremantle Port) for their potential to generate jobs, redevelop currently underutilised assets and maximise social and economic benefits to the state.


Temporary relocation of City staff to Fremantle Oval

A key outcome of the lease agreement is the ability for the City to utilise the oval buildings as temporary offices later this year.

Temporary administration offices will be required while the current council administration building is demolished and new offices built as part of the $250m Kings Square cultural precinct redevelopment.

This will involve transferring staff from the current office in Kings Square to the Fremantle Oval office administration buildings for a period of 2+ years while construction of the new offices is being completed.

We’ve looked at multiple options for temporary staff accommodation, including the adjacent Stan Reilly site, but relocating to Fremantle Oval is by far the cheapest and most viable option

Initial estimates for temporary accommodation in the Fremantle city centre were above $3 million so reaching this agreement has pleasingly resulted in significant savings for Fremantle ratepayers.

Relocating to Fremantle Oval also provides an opportunity to bring forward plans to deliver more than 160 new car bays at the Stan Reilly site which will provide inner city parking and a new revenue stream.”


Sponsorship agreement

Separate to the lease agreement, the City and the Dockers are currently negotiating a long-term sponsorship deal for the Dockers to retain a strong presence in their spiritual home of Fremantle.

This is expected to include AFL Women’s games and member days at Fremantle Oval, a club store in Fremantle and game tickets allocated to the City of Fremantle for distribution to the community.

We’re very pleased the Dockers are committed to retaining and strengthen the links the club has built up with the local Fremantle community over the past two decades


Relocation of St Patrick’s Community Housing facilities

A key consideration of any development of Fremantle Oval is the relocation of the St Patricks Community Housing facilities, which provides short-term crisis accommodation for at-risk men.

The facilities are currently located at the Stan Reilly site on the corner of South Terrace and Parry Street. This site forms part of the broader redevelopment plans for the precinct and therefore an alternate location will be required for these services.

Recognising the value of the services offered by St Patrick’s, Fremantle Council has agreed to contribute $200,000 to assist with relocating the service to a new site in the region.

The Stan Reilly site is a big part of the redevelopment plans but the work St Patricks do out of this site is critical. I’m pleased we’ve been able to work with them to provide funding for an alternate long-term location where they can continue their great work in the community.


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2 Responses to Freo Oval Deal Finalized with Dockers

  1. Now that the Dockers have left Freo work can begin on once more returning Freo oval back to become the home of football excellence with both true Fremantle WAFL Clubs delivering tribal footy at its best and the history of these two great Fremantle clubs can continue.

  2. Frank O'Neill says:

    Another example of Fremantle City flourishing. Looking forward to the many new ventures coming to fruition. Frank

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