Kings Square in 1971

This amazing photo of Kings Square looking East down High Street from around 1971 today was shown to me today by Bernard Seeber. Fascinatingly different.


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5 Responses to Kings Square in 1971

  1. Matt says:

    The Ford Escort MkII in the carpark was not produced before 1974 I think..

    • Good car spotting! I think it had to be before then though as Myer opened in 1974 on that site

      • Robert says:

        Ar.r… back in the days when we employed 2 full time, one part time for Sat morning and a Junior. before the rip of from the Americas Cup greed and the ugly revival of the east end with ‘modern’ charmless buildings that after only a little over 1/4 of a century. are getting replaced by bigger and……….? that will last for……..? but will be sold as sustainable.

  2. Matt says:

    You are right. Apologies. Must be a different car and the others are of older vintage agreed.
    Found some great historical pictures and indeed Myer was constructed in 1971 according to this:
    Another nice picture dated 1957 shows the old building, which presumably was the HARRIS SCARFE & CO building (×2-940×627.jpg), and noted as “demolished in 1971. At the time it is identified as the Sandover Building.” (
    Thank you.

  3. Roads must have been in much better condition back then. Not a four wheel drive to be seen in that pic.

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