Rob Broadfield goes Cocktail Commando at Bathers Beach House

I had to laugh at this amusing review of Bathers Beach House including the back-handed complement to the Freo Council from The West’s  food critic Rob Broadfield. He’s a witty guy.

Cocktail Commando 

 You’re in Bali or Europe; you’re lying on the beach and a little man comes to your sun lounge and dispenses drinks (in Dubai the little man is on a Segway complete with lowpressure sand tyres — cool eh?).

A hundred-odd years of officious fun police in local government and licensing have ensured we’ve never spawned a beach bar culture here. That is until now. The Bathers Beach House in Fremantle is the real deal: sun lounges on the sand with full bar service. You don’t even have to get up to order, they come to you. As far as we know, it is the only true full-service beach bar in Australia.

Three cheers for the City of Fremantle, which is controlled by environmentalists — and environmentalists are renowned fun sponges, so we don’t quite know how they got around to approving this. Nonetheless, Freo, we salute you.

The Bathers Beach House is a massive, cheap and cheerful restaurant with OK resort-style food including steaks, fish and chips, pork belly and barramundi. But it is its beachside bar culture which floats our boat.

To be clear, Bathers doesn’t have a cocktail program, it has a cocktail menu. There are no smartly made fruit syrups of house-made bitters here. This is a gin and tonic and Aperol spritz kind of place and frankly, when you’re lying on the beach there’s only three things you need, sunblock, a teeth-chatteringly cold bottle of rosé and an Aperol spritz. The Aperol spritz may have started life as the smart drink for the apres-ski set in the Italian Alps and yet it translates perfectly to WA’s hot, lazy beach scene. The Bathers version is proper and cold and laced with orange slices for extra punch.



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One Response to Rob Broadfield goes Cocktail Commando at Bathers Beach House

  1. Gareth hancox says:

    “Fun sponges”??
    There’s so much fun going on in Fremantle it’s mind boggling…
    (And it’s supported by City of Freo)

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