Fremantle Shipping News is In Port

Fremantle it seems is the land of good blogs. And an impressive new online magazine/blog has just been launched called Fremantle Shipping News.

It is all about Fremantle and in a nice twist each week will feature interesting vessels in Fremantle Port. Articles with a shipping or maritime flavour continue is the Shipping News department In the launch edition they feature an article about what is happening today one of Fremantle’s old established seafarers clubs, the Flying Angels Club. They also get to know the Mediterranean Shipping Company, the giant of global container shipping that has made a new home in one of Fremantle’s most significant heritage buildings, and take a peek inside their newly restored national headquarters.

They also aim to enliven an informed discussion about Fremantle’s built environment and city planning. The launch issue features an audio interview with me in which I addresses the future planning of the Port, the Fremantle Oval precinct, and the King’s Square development area.

There is also excellent interviews with Professor Len Collard, a senior Noongar man of the Whadjuk people. And architect and long time Fremantle resident Richard Longley on  spaces and places in Fremantle that have both inspired and disappointed him. And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Finally, their Secret Fremantle department provides residents and visitors alike with a guide to what are sometimes hidden jewels of Fremantle written by Fremantle residents. Great idea!

It is ambitious and beautifully put together addition to online discussion about Fremantle and well worth checking out.


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One Response to Fremantle Shipping News is In Port

  1. Thanks Brad. Looks good. Nice to have additional media to provide the ‘alternative truth’

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