The whole time I have been mayor there has been a Liberal State Government. Whilst the Fremantle Council worked constructively with them (including after much work getting 1500 State Government office workers committed to Fremantle) and formed some good relationships there was (unsurprisingly) plenty we didn’t agree on. Given this, the emphatic win by the ALP on the weekend opens up some exciting new opportunities for Fremantle.

South Quay

After the CEO and I met with some of the key ALP players in Fremantle last year to explain the Fremantle Council ‘s position on a range of matters, the ALP pleasingly committed to redevelop the south side of the Fremantle Port.  This is a wonderful opportunity to connect the Fremantle city centre to our waterfront. South Quay is a huge project and one that will happen in the longer term but it is essential (now that we know that Fremantle Port will be capped ) that we start doing some planning on how South Quay can be more than a fenced car park with views. Importantly, it is an opportunity to create a much better arrival point for visitors on cruise ships. Here were some thoughts on this from a year ago and a map of the area we’re are talking about:

Fremantle Hospital and Oval

With the Fremantle Oval deal with the Dockers finally done and the oval soon back under the City of Fremantle’s control, there is a new opportunity to have parts of the Fremantle Hospital site incorporated into a major Fremantle Oval redevelopment as we outlined last year and in our Freo 2029 plans. This of course has dovetailed nicely into the ALP’s recent announcement on having a stronger focus on making the Fremantle Hospital site function more effectively again. Repeated feedback suggests that around 50% of the site is not currently being used. Whilst this is disappointing, it does present a huge opportunity to get that site reused and unused portions redeveloped.

PFL and Knutsford

Finally, the killing off of Roe 8 and the Perth Freight Link by the ALP gives some certainty to the redevelopment of the Fremantle Depot site and other land around Knustford Street (where the tunnel was previously expected to emerge). We are working with Landcorp and others to pull together a nation-leading an environmentally sustainable, mixed use, medium density area but the PFL tunnel was putting that under a cloud. But with the election done we can go ahead with this and hopefully even take the outcomes from the award winning WGV development to the next level.

So congratulations to Mark McGowan and his team and our re-elected local member Simone McGurk. We look forward to working with you. It is going to be an exciting and busy time ahead!

PS We are meeting with the Dept of Transport this week too to see how we can progress this!:

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  1. Emma Anda says:

    Wow – what a breath of fresh air to have a less hostile-feeling towards Freo State Govt now! Brad please can you go for another term as Mayor to help guide all of this wonderful sounding stuff along for us ! 🙂

  2. collette Brennan says:

    Please bring back the ban on plastic bags .

  3. Jodie ferguson says:

    Freo is in need of huge revitalisation , growing up freo from the working docs to Fremantle on Fridays with pop yo collect his pay. Pellews treasure ways . Vox adeon and more. We have lost site of it being a town where people live and work and shop and see specialists in all fields. Not just a ace to Bearcats drink . Please bring purpose and life to my town.

    I know many hugely vital not for profits that require space.

    Let’s bring them in. Let’s bring in the services , free surrounding parking . Let’s use the railway from freo to the beaches.

    Let’s do more make freo lively again not just for parties and festivals but girvoeoplecsnd families

  4. Jo says:

    That sounds a bit defeatist on the hospital. Where are Labor at now with reopening the emergency ward? Is that still policy, or has that been quietly abandoned?

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