Baugruppen at WGV explained

I think Baugruppen has huge potential to add affordability, sustainability and tailored innovation to medium density housing in a way that Perth has not seen before …

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One Response to Baugruppen at WGV explained

  1. Matt says:

    Hi Brad, This is a great undertaking and the fact the Freo has such visions makes it worth living here. One question regarding sustainability is a different topic and ok if not posted here. Happy to receive a response via mail if convenient.

    I find the woodfire smoke (and haze) in Freo a significant health issue when it gets colder. Sometimes I feel like I am sleeping in a furnace at night, effecting my breathing and generating headaches. It seems people burn all sorts of stuff in their fireplaces and heaters, and I am not sure whether any of this is governed, or taxed for that matter.

    It would be a leading environmental and sustainability pursuit to ban woodfire heating in Fremantle (or tax it, or prescribe rules as a start). Is any such move on, in line with other sustainability matters, or should I communicate via other channels.

    Thank you.

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