Big Top for Freo

CircusWA has been a vibrant inhabitant of Fremantle for 30 years but they need a new home so they are raising money for a big top tent on Princess May Park which the Freo Council has supported.

To help them raise the $10,000 they need  go to

Here’s what they say about it:

The Big Top will provide a home for our activities, as well as creating an exciting new performance venue. Our dream is that the Big Top will become an inspiring and inclusive space, that will also allow us to engage directly with the community through performances, open days and workshops.

The Big Top will be raised and ready to welcome the public for an open day on Sunday 14 May.

CircusWA is a fixture of the Fremantle community, delivering regular performances at local festivals and events. Raising the Big Top will provide an exciting opportunity to cement CircusWA right in the heart of Fremantle giving circus a visible and accessible home. It will also give us a great base to reach out to the outer metro communities.

Located in Princess May Park, the Big Top will bring new life and excitement to the eastern end of the city. There has not been a Big Top in Fremantle for many years and we are thrilled to have this opportunity to bring the excitement of the Big Top back!


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