Freo Town Hall’s New Look

You might have noticed the scaffolding coming down on the North side of the Fremantle Town Hall unveiling the renovated and de-painted building. I think it looks pretty special.

De-painting (not the technical term) might sound like an odd thing to do but interestingly the town hall was unpainted for most of its life from 1887 to 1965. And for good reason. The layers of paint were removed to both respect the original design intention to make the town hall look like a high-quality, finely detailed stone building as well as allow the walls of the building to breathe and absorb and expel moisture naturally as originally intended.

The $3.1 million exterior renovation project included restoring the external envelope of the building to conserve the existing heritage fabric and protect the interior from further deterioration;  the replacement of roof cladding, painting external timber and metalwork etc; increasing  the capacity of the historically undersized roof drainage system by enlarging gutters, downpipes and stormwater pipes and providing overflow points for extreme weather events and reinstating some decorative items in normally inaccessible areas. For example, cast iron finials to turrets, flag pole etc.

If you get to stop by the slow unveiling is worth a look.




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2 Responses to Freo Town Hall’s New Look

  1. Good work,,Our history must be preserved at all costs and the Town Hall is an iconic part of Freo.

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