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  1. Frank says:

    Hi Brad the half million dollars for the new nature play area in Kings Sqr is good news as it will bring our younger citizens to the cities CBD center always good to see and hear youngsters . At the other end of the citizenry age group, the oldsters are being pushed out of the city center while the development of the square is going on. Oldsters are loosing their One Stop Shop location on the square for rooms in the Footy Oval buildings. There were two public consultations with your staff and a rally outside in the square that you and the Simone McGurk attended at which you heard that we oldsters wished to remain in the Square with our own shop front access. It looks very much like the consultative forums were just a council confidence trick as there was never any intention to act upon what the oldsters of Fremantle wanted. Guess when you have done your bit for the community over our lifetime paid your dues to build the a better life for the next generation as an oldster you are no longer worthy of consideration Brad.

    • Frank
      As you are aware City of Fremantle staff have conducted two forums with our One Stop Shop volunteers and participants in February. From there we advertised for nominations for our Reference Group who would advocate on behalf of the volunteers and participants at the OSS.

      The newly formed Reference Group visited the Dockers building last Thursday and were pleasantly surprised and very appreciate of the area that would be available for Seniors. The Reference Group were unanimous and very positive of the opportunities that lay ahead at the Dockers building. City of Fremantle staff are now waiting on a formal response from the group as they were each going back to OSS to talk to the others.

      It was clear from their conversation that each of the Reference Group members had concerns about the limited space that would be available in one of the smaller rooms at the Town Hall and being away from the support of the Community Development Team whilst Kings Square was under construction. It was very clear they preferred the inclusive option at the Dockers building along with the shared outdoor space. Suggestions were flowing on how they could create new programs now they had access to the kitchen area and the theatre style room that was alongside the Seniors area for special events, films, talks etc.

      While I understand your preference for a stand-alone front shop facility in Kings Square, many others including the Reference Group are fully supportive of the inclusive model on offer at the Dockers building. We will wait there formal feedback before making any decisions on this

      thanks, Brad

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