Density by Design – showing density done well

“Our sprawling cities are reaching their limits and we find ourselves at a cultural crossroads as the great Australian dream must adapt to a new era.”

This is how this impressive new online series Density by Design hosted by Dr Josh Byrne kicks off as it looks at some of the best medium and high density developments from around Australia. From Adelaide’s pioneering Christy Walk to the stunning new Central Park in Sydney to WGV in good old Fremantle, this is density in Australia at its best.

The theme tying each of these developments together is the growing movement away from big houses on large blocks and an increased demand for multi-residential developments near our city hubs. But it is also about the real challenge to move toward new approaches that enable innovative, affordable, sustainable design that is both liveable and affordable.

Density by Design is supported by the CRC for Low Carbon Living in partnership with Curtin University, LandCorp, City of Fremantle and Josh Byrne & Associates. The video series is produced by VAM MEDIA and Directed by Brendan Hutchens.

If you care about the future of our cities then these four 10 minute episodes are well worth a view.

I have seen all of the developments in the flesh and Josh and the team do a great job of showing them and getting the story behind each.

For more information on Density by Design visit the website and watch the series teaser.

Photo by Corey Roberts of Bowden

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2 Responses to Density by Design – showing density done well

  1. freoview says:

    Good article about density in today’s West Australian also.

    Roel Loopers

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