A Trial to see if 3 Bins is Better

The City of Fremantle is proud to support the 12 month trial of a new Food Organic Garden Organic (FOGO) system being rolled out by 7,000 City of Melville residents this spring. The trial includes the introduction of a third waste bin to encourage better separation of waste which will lead to cleaner compost and less waste going landfill and is a collaboration between the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council, City of Fremantle, City of Melville and Town of East Fremantle.

Following a successful trial in Melville, Freo residents are expected to be introduced to the third bin in 2018/19.

This video explains it well:

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4 Responses to A Trial to see if 3 Bins is Better

  1. Noel Wood says:

    I think it’s being rolled out by the City of Melville to 7000 residents.
    Also you are assuming a successful trial – time will tell. I trust the additional cost is marginal!

    There is a strong need to educate kids (schools!) about the 3 bins to ensure their parents do the right thing.

  2. Emma Anda says:

    I am SO happy about this and I will be seriously thrilled if the 3 bin system comes to Fremantle.

    I hate it when I have an item that I know full well belongs in neither bin (e.g. an old worn-out pair of shoes which are in too poor a condition to go to an op-shop, but have some materials in them that would never break down in the composting process so shouldn’t go in the green-lid bin; and that are not an item that can be recycled so shouldn’t go in the yellow-lid bin).

    I did a tour of the Regional Resource Recover Centre a while ago, so am aware of what happens to the contents of our bins once they are trucked out there and emptied. I saw clearly for myself on the tour that the better that items are sorted and not cross-contaminated at the household level, the better all the systems at the centre can operate.

    It is fantastic to know that there will be a bin which is specifically for these (fairly rare) sorts of non-compostable and non-recyclable items – and so that hopefully less of the compostable waste stream and the recyclable waste stream will get contaminated with items which should not have been placed in either of the 2 bins to begin with.

    I can’t wait! I am always jealous when I am in other locations that do have the 3 bin system, I was in Albany recently and noticed that they have it there. Really hoping like mad that Fremantle will be getting it too.
    Do you know when we will know about Freo getting the 3 bin system or not Brad?

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