Heart of Beaconsfield Community Visioning Workhop

We want to hear your ideas on what would make Beaconsfield an even better place in the future.

The Heart of Beaconsfield is an exciting opportunity to explore the community’s aspirations for areas in Beaconsfield that are likely to change over the next decade or so. Over the coming weeks, we encourage you to share your ideas and help shape the vision and the masterplan that will provide a foundation for the future revitalisation of Beaconsfield.

Register for the community visioning workshop     which is Tuesday 23 May │6.00pm – 9.00pm│Hilton Bowling Club

What’s happening in Beaconsfield?

There are lots of positive changes happening in Beaconsfield.

  • South Fremantle High School is becoming Fremantle College.
  • TAFE is moving (except for the Quinlan’s Training Restaurant), which provides an opportunity for redevelopment of the site.
  • The Housing Authority would like to update and build new homes in the Davis Park precinct – with the first step being a proposed Scheme Amendment.
  • Activ Foundation is looking at updating facilities on its site.
  • All of this may prompt some ideas for the area including a possible rethink of the existing structure plan for the Lefroy Road Quarry site.

Some of these changes could take decades, but the City of Fremantle and its project partners want to ensure that when things happen, they happen in a coordinated way.

We want your help to create an overaching vison and masterplan that will help to guide future plans for the different sites and help them to integrate.

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