Artwalk Freo 2017

This weekend Artwalk Freo invites the public into the homes and studios of a group of recognised WA artists to see where the magic happens!

Come hail or shine this May, an independent group of professional artists in Fremantle and White Gum Valley will come together to open their home studios to the public for the third biennial Artwalk Freo for one weekend only.

If you have ever wondered HOW a highly creative person thinks, WHAT triggers their inspiration, WHERE the drive comes from, WHY they are compelled to express themselves in their own unique way, then the weekend of the 27 – 28 May, Artwalk Freo should be #1 on your to-do list!

Join us and view the home studios of Annette Seeman and John Teschendorff, Eveline Kotai, Ian de Souza, Trevor Richards, Penny Bovell, Jo Darbyshire and Michael Knight. Visiting their studios and experiencing how their living space relates to their art offers insight into the creative process.

27 – 28 may 2017  open 10am – 4pm daily

Also as part of Artwalk will be Snooker Boys 3 (see below)

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