The Fremantle Town Hall is back in its original skin

Be there as we mark the completion of the Fremantle Town Hall external conservation, the most significant heritage project we’ve ever undertaken. Join us for this free event Friday 26 May 2017, 11:30am to 12 noon outside the Fremantle Town Hall. Part of the Fremantle Heritage Festival.

See the flag being raised onto the new flagpole on the refurbished tower for the first time in a decade, the town hall clock ceremonially restarted and the bells sound out after being silent for 12 months. This will be followed by a group photo outside the completed Town Hall to officially record this important event.

Also check out this great little article and the video on the clock below:



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2 Responses to The Fremantle Town Hall is back in its original skin

  1. Helen Carter says:

    Great to see this work and the commitment to Fremantle’s heritage. in that vain the inaugural gathering of James Albert Herbert’s ( builder Federal Hotel) great grand children is happening at the Federal Hotel on July 1st. We have a great connection to the town hall given that not only was it opened in the same year as the Federal Hotel but our great grandmothers father (John Snook then Mayor of Fremantle) was shot at the Town hall and subsequently died. ThIs, and many other interesting stories put together by our family historians will be shared on that day.

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