A Self-Guided Bike Tour of Freo’s Alternative History: “Demolished and Unbuilt”

Over the last couple of weekends as part of the Fremantle Heritage Festival I ran a free alternative history bike tour called “Demolished and Unbuilt”. It was lots of fun but I know many of you missed out as it was fully subscribed.

So I thought I would post the tour so that you can take you and your mates on a ride through Freo’s alternative futures if you are so inclined. It starts at the Rainbow and finishes at the Norfolk. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to A Self-Guided Bike Tour of Freo’s Alternative History: “Demolished and Unbuilt”

  1. kevin johns says:

    Dear Mayor,

    I came to Fremantle from Melbourne in 1950 aged 13 years , worked in various wool stores as a wool classer from 1955 to 1965, then worked as a shipping clerk on the waterfront for 25 years , now live in Mandurah but still consider Fremantle very much my home town , visit regularly and love to read the Fremantle Herald to keep up with happenings in my lovely old town which is filled with soooo many memories for me , even tho I never see anyone I know there anymore , unlike the old days when almost everyone was related …… why this preamble ! I feel it is my qualification to comment ?

    I have an all electric car so do appreciate the free parking and charging very much .

    I have cruised in and out of Fremantle port several times in recent years , it is great we still have the lovely passenger terminal from the 1960s immigration days …but feel sad to see Vic. quay has never been upgraded or made more welcoming , even tho great plans were announced more than 20 years ago !! only more security in the form of high fencing and locked gates , could I suggest council have a look on the internet at what Cape town has done with their old docks , absolutely fantastic and attracts thousands of visitors to dine and stroll , and boy ! does Fremantle need something to bring it back to life apart from the Cappuccino strip , still with its traffic and fumes . Funds ? well you must have plenty, to demolish perfectly good buildings and replace them to make council people more comfortable . I am not a member of any group, in fact I do not know anyone there now , just my own thoughts , and listening to comments of cruise people on their first visit to my town , sadly not impressed and I could say nothing in defence .

    Thank you for reading this rambling of an old man

    sincerely Kevin Hodge


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