Kings Square Update – Local Businesses and Car Parks

I thought it was time for an update on the Kings Square project as there has been a fair bit happening behind the scenes.

As you might have read the builder (Probuild)  for King Square has been appointed  and the project is rapidly getting underway.

Last week representatives from Sirona and City of Fremantle  staff and I went and knocked on the door of the traders around Kings Square (I think we spoke to 41 businesses over the day and we still have a few more to do!) to explain to them the project and timelines for the project.

So what are the timelines for the $270 million dollar project? Roughly speaking fences will likely go up late July or early August with demolition to start soon after on former-Myer and Queensgate. Demolition of the Council  offices and library  will be later in the year with all planned to be completed by mid -2019 .

Perhaps the two key questions that businesses asked of us were: Will the multi-story Queensgate car park stay open and will the surrounding streets stay open.

The short answer to each of these questions is YES. The streets will stay open – unless they are bringing a crane or the like. The car park which will also stay open although there may be minor closures on occasions as it is getting a much needed multi-million make over.

On the car park, the City is currently transferring ownership of the Queensgate car park to Sirona Capital. The car park will now be managed by Secure Parking.  The existing car park conditions will change in coming weeks. Notice of any changes to these conditions will be provided publicly by Secure Parking in advance of these changes taking effect. Visit or call 1300 727 483.

The overwhelming feedback from business owners was that they can’t wait for it to get started and more importantly finish and bring 2100 new jobs to the centre of Fremantle.

If you want to keep on top of what is happening you can subscribe to the e-newsletter via the dedicated Kings Square website

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2 Responses to Kings Square Update – Local Businesses and Car Parks

  1. justin gill says:

    Can’t believe you’ve allowed a private company to take over Queensgate parking. This is part of the council’s core business and you have sold out to the private sector who will inevitably raise tariffs discouraging even more visitors to Fremantle. Shame on you for divesting your obligations and, ultimately, harming the viability of Fremantle. Shame on you.

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